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Breakfast Topic > WoWSep 11, 2018 8:00 am CT

If you could add one PVP talent to your PVE kit, what would it be — and why?

PVP talents aren’t exactly new to Battle for Azeroth — but thanks to War Mode, they’re active all the time for those who have opted in and are out in non-instanced content. As a result, players who have decided to partake in the PVP festivities have a little bit of adjusting to do anytime they enter a dungeon or scenario or any other non-PVP instance. As someone who is in the described situation, I can say that it’s… well, it’s not fun.

As a Shadow Priest, one of the PVP talents I can take allows me to cast Void Eruption instantly. It’s not exactly overpowered — but it’s not exactly useless, either. It’s just a solid bonus to an ability that has a longer cast time than Shadow’s other abilities. Coupled with Dark Ascension, it allows me to do a really large chunk of AOE damage in a very short period of time. More than that, though, it allows me to cast Void Eruption without worrying about the enemy I have targeted dying too soon.

Another fun PVP talent? Psyfiend. It’s not exactly something that would have a huge use in PVE content, but it’s still nice — mostly because it gives me another Void-y creature to add to my posse. I like having a large Void posse, and Psyfiend makes me feel like I have a little extra friend I can summon every now and then.

Each of these talents has its own uses and its own advantages. And in some cases, they just have a fun factor that’s hard to forget. Because of this, it’s nice to imagine these talents being available in PVE content. They’re not — but imagine if they could be.

If one — and only one — of your class’s PVP talents could be added to your PVE repertoire, which one would it be? More importantly, why did you choose that ability? Is it the usefulness? Is it the fun factor? Or is it something in between those? Sound off in the comments!

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