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WoWSep 19, 2018 6:40 pm CT

Blizzard wants to make sure you keep playing WoW, bribes you with a rad new mount — and, hey, why not buy Cap’n Crackers while you’re at it?

Blizzard just rolled out a couple of new store items fit for Pirate’s Day — a new mount and a new parrot pal. The Dreadwake mount is a suitably spooky kraken-themed vessel that will take to the skies if you’ve got the appropriate riding skill. The ship is part of a new bundle —180 days of game time and the mount for just $77.94. Astute observers will note that $77.94 is the current cost for six months of WoW already. Essentially, you’re getting a free mount when you purchase six months of game time up-front.

And for players who are already doing just that as their regular subscription, guess what? You’ve got a nice new ship waiting for you in the gifts section of your Battle.net launcher. No additional purchase necessary. Simply log in and claim your mighty vessel. This seems to be a promotion to encourage people to pay for a longer subscription — but it’s nice to see they aren’t overlooking those who have already been doing so for quite some time.

The Dreadwake is a one-person mount, but just like every other mount you purchase, it immediately applies to all characters on your account. Note, however, that this is a limited time offer — you have until October 21 to pick up this sweet seafaring (airfaring?) vessel and add it to your collection.

If six months of game time isn’t really your speed, there’s one other new addition to the pet store — an adorable pirate-themed parrot pal named Cap’n Crackers. He’s not a charity pet, but he’s appropriate enough for the holiday. The good Cap’n is a Flying Battle Pet with one unique ability in his kit. Coin Toss is only available to one other Battle Pet, the Diablo-themed Treasure Goblin that was part of the Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Collector’s Edition. If you didn’t pick that one up, now you have a pet that can pull off the same move — provided you’ve got $10 to plunk down for this pretty parrot.

While the Dreadwake may be a limited-time deal, it appears that Cap’n Crackers is here to stay. Visit the Blizzard Shop to pick up the new goodies — and if you’re already paying for your WoW subscription in 6-month increments, check your launcher to claim your new mount.

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