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The QueueSep 20, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: The Cube has reached its destination

It feels like just yesterday our little Cube overlord was making its first awkward roll through the land. But yesterday, the mighty Cube (a.k.a. “Kevin”) made it to what I can only assume is its final destination.

Upon taking a dive into Loot Lake, Kevin transformed the entire thing into a purple, glowy trampoline. It was really quite impressive, and — I can’t say this enough — a really fun way to tell a story via nothing but map changes. Give it a watch if you have a spare minute or two. Kudos, Fortnite! I await whatever is in store for Loot Thanos Lake next!

Now, let’s Queue.


Jesus I thought Rossi wrote yesterday’s Queue for some reason.

How dare you confuse me with Rossi?! I mean, I don’t have anything against the guy, but HOW DARE YOU?! Isn’t it obvious that I write Tuesday Queues? Sure, today isn’t Tuesday, but you shouldn’t focus on that fact. Focus on my anger and rage.


Q4tQ: Who do you think should killsteal be the canonical vanquisher of Azshara in the end of this expansion?

  • a) Thrall
  • b) Jaina
  • c) Sylvanas
  • d) Anduin
  • e) Other (name the NPC)

Other — Azshara’s survived for a long time. I don’t think we’ll actually kill her.


Q4tQ: (speculation question, I know you don’t know the future) What knocks us out of this particular, focused faction conflict? I’m not asking what ends it for good (like I usually do), but clearly they aren’t going to have it take center stage for two expansions in a row with so many other looming, cosmic threats. Is it the planet dying? Is it N’Zoth presenting a threat we can’t ignore? Is it someone hugely important dying? Does it happen before 9.0? Eventually we will have canonically shared raids and shared foes/storylines again, so how do we get there?

Based on how Sylvanas is treating the war, I imagine the “oh no, there’s a Big Bad threatening everything” storyline would only result in her taking advantage of the situation, rather than the usual teaming-up of factions.

Which leaves us with her being removed from her position as Warchief. Not dying, mind you — but another leader with less ambition (read: aggression) would likely try to sort things out.

But then again, maybe we do get a never-ending faction conflict. Maybe raids will continue to be Horde/Alliance specific to give players more of a reason to experience both sides. Maybe this is WoW now. If that ends up being the case, I wouldn’t mind all that much, so long as it works on a story level.


Q4TQ What’s the best way to get a 110 Dwarf or Belf up to Exhalted with their own faction? I have this horrible feeling it will be Argent Tournament or Molten Front. Fortunately my Dwarf is already half way through Revered from levelling, but both of my Belfs are only honored (probably because one is a DK and the Afflock was boosted)….

Y’know, it’s been a while since I’ve actually gone out of my way to hit Exalted with a home city’s faction. I don’t mean that in a braggy way, but I usually end up hitting Exalted just by playing the game.

So my advice? Go do old quests. Experience the story as though you were just starting at level 1. Eventually, I imagine, you’ll reach Exalted without even realizing it.


Is there any way to make the twitch video’s at the top of the home page not auto-play the moment I go to the website? I am glad you guys are doing more streaming, but I would rather not have my computer suddenly blasting a twitch stream while I am at work.

Shame on you for browsing at work!

…Just kidding. Please continue to read our site whenever possible so we all still have jobs.

As for the autoplay issue, I’m forwarding this to Adam. He’s the one who takes care of that sort of thing, and if there are issues like this in the future, feel free to email us or tweet Adam on Twitter. Sorry I don’t have a more immediate answer, but I hope this helps a little!


Q4tQ: One of my worries with heritage armor was that most of the designs would be plate, but so far Blizzard has been pretty good representing all the armor types equally. With the announcement that eventually all the base races will get a heritage armor set, what type do you see each race getting?

Oh, man. I’m sure I’ll be completely wrong here, but..

  • Cloth: Humans, Undead
  • Leather: Night Elves, Tauren,
  • Mail: Trolls, Gnomes, Blood Elves
  • Plate: Draenei, Orcs, Dwarves

That said, Undead may end up being plate or mail. The armor in the above slide looks plate/mail-like to me… and I’m actually totally okay if that ends up being the case. That armor’s pretty awesome.

Please note: This is all in terms of appearance — Heritage Armor will (hopefully) never have a restriction based on armor type.


Anyone else ever have a powerful urge to play a class when you hear it is under-performing or under played?

Like right now i’m feeling like playing a shaman something fierce even though it’s in a rough spot. I played a ton of monk in the past because “Nobody played it”.

I mean, I’m playing my Shadow Priest right now, and the community (myself included) is pretty down on them. Granted, I’m always playing my Shadow Priest, but still… Does that count?


QftQ: In Warfronts (Arathi), can you only kill the World Boss and/or Rares once? Neither become active during the weekly reset. I had a feeling the World Boss wasn’t but aren’t Rares usually daily/weekly?

To my knowledge — and explained nowhere apparent by Blizzard — you can kill the rares and World Boss for special loot (Toys, mounts, the like) once per control cycle. So, Horde got access to the World Boss, what? 5ish days ago? And now the Alliance has a week of attacking before Horde loses actual control, which means the Horde also has another week before any of those things would reset.

However, I don’t actually know if “once per control cycle” means “once every time your faction controls it” or “once every time it switches ownership.” Commenters, help me out here!


So I did LFR for the first time tonight on an alt. Why did Taloc start the fight at like 60% hp? Is it the new LFR strat to make fights easier, start with bosses half dead?

Taloc is the end “boss”/scenario enemy of Nazmir, and Horde use a big ol’ Goblin thing called the A.M.O.D. to defeat him. But — gasp! — it didn’t fully work. For Horde, Talanji says something like, “What?! Taloc survived?!” For Alliance, I think Brann, uh… looks around at Titan stuff or something.

You’ll notice Taloc has a debuff on him indicating his weakened state. But of course, that doesn’t mean much to anyone who’s never heard of an A.M.O.D.

*Header image via Reddit
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