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The QueueSep 27, 2018 12:30 pm CT

The Queue: Irish Coffee

I’m having some Irish Coffee today. It’s great. I’d suggest you try some too.


Q4tQ: did Ol’ Blanchy become a Loa when she died?

I’ve been really obsessed with the Loa since BfA was nearing launch. I know you asked as a joke, but to be honest I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility that there is a horse Loa or something. If there is, I could entirely see Ol’ Blanchy hanging out with them.

I have to say that I was initially very skeptical of the way that the Loas were going to be used in BfA. I thought they were, well, kinda lame to be honest before BfA. I got what they were, but I felt that there wasn’t much depth and interesting things behind them.


Q4tQ : Do you think it’s a smart move for Blizzard to make the Classic demo available for a whole week at BlizzCon?

I’m in the camp that believes a lot of the hype comes from misplaced nostalgia. I feel like the demo is likely to make a lot of people realize it’s not as fun as they expected, and hurt sales when it comes out.

I think it’s a good idea because otherwise, I think there’s not going to be any WoW demo for people to take an active interest in. I doubt there’ll be an expansion announcement, and “oh go play the current expansion” has never really been something that people have been compelled to join in on at the convention.

Remember too that these things are really for the people on the floor of the convention, so the fact that they’re allowing everyone to try the demo at home too is interesting. It makes me wonder if this is a possibility for future BlizzCon demos, particularly with WoW expansions.

Now, as far as people understanding how different and … well, old … Classic WoW was compared to what they expect today, and then realizing it’s not what they want — it’s going to happen. Either now or later. I’m totally going to be one of those people playing it no doubt, but I’m not expecting to level up in anything less than a couple months. There are a lot of boars that are going to need to be killed to get to level 10.


Q4tQ: if the Classic Demo includes Elwynn Forest, do you expect Moon Guard gameplay in the Goldshire Inn?

God please no. But I’ll tell you what — I’ll ask the floor team this year to check in on it.

Consider it done.


Q4tQ: is it too soon for an Overwatch 2 announcement?

I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not (normally I can’t tell with you … but hey! I’ll go with it) — but I don’t think an Overwatch  2 will ever happen.

Single player story mode? Yes. DLC campaigns thereafter? Yes. Graphics revamp? Yes. Increased effects and processor usage? Yes. Something Diablo-esque? Maybe. Basically, I expect it to take the same path of growth that WoW has had over the last fifteen years.

Given the history of Titan (Blizzard’s long lost second MMO that they were developing for years) and the fact that most of Overwatch came from its remains, I don’t expect at all an MMO situation or single player RPG.


Q4tQ: Am I right in assuming that the Flight Master’s Whistle isn’t account bound? If an alt hasn’t completed all the Legion requirements, that alt won’t have access to it, right?

It’s not “Account Bound” per-se, but it is open to all characters on the account after you’ve completed the initial World Quest unlock in Legion. Your alts can just go up to Khadgar in Dalaran and get it.

I believe it may actually pop automatically for your alts when you hit 110 — I’m afraid I can’t check on a character though.


Is it just me or has the font size been reduced on BW? My old eyes are struggling. I can zoom in (more) with the browser but if you’re just trying it out I’ll vote no.

Nope! We haven’t reduced it.

In the upcoming site redesign we’ll change it a little (oh god I said it out loud, incoming flameware), but it won’t be decreasing in size. Font readability is incredibly important for a site and is one of the smaller things that can make a big difference.

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