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The QueueSep 28, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Thanks to you guys

Just my occasional reminder that if not for you guys I’d likely be dead. At the very least I’d be completely blind and unable to write this Queue, or indeed, anything. So thank you.

It’s the Queue. Let’s talk about games.


Well, rather disappointed in the WoW rewards for the Virtual Ticket this year (yes, I know I’m slow on these things). Still, it has me wondering, so!

QftQ: Assuming there’s a Diablo announcement and they’re hiding some rewards until closer to the Con, would you be thrilled or offended if the surprise!WoW rewards was the Mini-Diablo pet and Tyreal’s Charger mount?

(and for those that already have it…sorry, SOL).

I wouldn’t be upset, but even if there’s a Diablo 4 announcement at BlizzCon, I feel like your idea is more a wish fulfillment than what they’d actually do. I’d expect some Murky!Diablo pet or maybe a Demon based mount. But it would be interesting, wouldn’t it?


I think people are highly overestimating what the demo will include. The running odds is it will only have orcs and humans playable in Durotar and Elwynn. It’s funny seeing the silent majority getting annoyed at not getting mounts and pets for the virtual ticket because some vocal minority screams “Classic!” every chance it gets. I have a feeling this will be telling of what will become of Classic sooner than later.

Quite frankly, I feel like the actual silent majority doesn’t care either way. If you’re invested enough to get the virtual ticket, you’re already a lot more committed than the majority of WoW players, who play the game until they get bored with it and then stop and then come back when they have time or a patch sounds interesting to them.

Heck, I’m so invested in WoW that I work for a site that talks about it quite a lot, and I don’t care about the mounts/pets from the Virtual Ticket. Speaking purely as a guy who will likely never play WoW in its Classic form, I think it’s a good move to make a downloadable demo that people who are following the con via the Virtual Ticket can play, and I really hope they do that with future BlizzCons down the road.


So instead of “go play current content” as something new and exciting to promote at Blizzcon we get “go play this old, out-of-date game that isn’t even good enough to be live” is the excitement they’re banking on?

Look, I’m hardly an apologist for Classic WoW. It’s not something that interests me — I played the game back then, I’ve played the game ever since then, I’ve played every expansion and frankly I’d rather have a dozen Azerite Armor systems than go back to it.

But some people really are super excited for Classic. It’s hardly an outrageous idea that some of the WoW community will be super excited for this, and considering Battle for Azeroth just went live this year, it’s not a ridiculous notion to put your next big thing status on the feature that a vocal group of players have been asking for over and over again for years now.

I suspect those of us who have dismissed the concept (and I include myself in this) will be surprised at just how many people want to try and recapture the old days of WoW. People like Mitch, who is hardly some wide eyed naif who doesn’t know the way WoW used to be, are still pretty excited for this.

I’m working hard to not let myself assume that just because I don’t care, no one cares. If no one cared, they never would have done it in the first place. There’s obviously enough interest from enough people that Blizzard thinks it’s worth doing.


So is not being able to tmog legendaries still a thing? Ive been debating on going out to get Hand of Rag but want to know that this is the case.

You can transmog to the Mists of Pandaria legendary cloaks and the various Legion legendaries, and certain Demon Hunters who did the Black Temple Timewalking and already have the Warglaives can use them in a transmog. But for the rest of us, transmogging to any of the legendary weapons is right out. I mean, I went and got the Firelands version of Sulfuras so I could use it, but my Shadowmourne is still not usable.


I feel like i’m the only poor person in BfA.

I stared with 500k.
I now have 30k.

Buying WoW Tokens is not a good investment right now.

Oh, you so aren’t. If not for selling ore I’d have negative money. As it is, dumping all of my ore on the AH has barely kept me above 22k gold.


So the Arathi rares don’t rest on control flip?

They reset when your faction gains control of the zone. So right now, the Alliance has the zone and thus the rares have reset for them. Horde players had the zone last week, and thus, have to wait until they finish the whole process of getting the Warfront back. The first week was weird because both factions could kill the rares for items, and then once the Horde got the zone they could immediately do so again.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. Everyone try and have a good weekend and if you can’t, at least try and take care of each other. I know you can.

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