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The QueueOct 2, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Tempered expectations

Hey, remember a few weeks back when I asked you to list some songs that sounded happy but had not-happy lyrics? I finally got around to making your suggestions into a playlist. Check it out sometime. And let me know if I happened to miss anything — “Don’t Burn the Day” and this fight music were the only two that I couldn’t find.

Oh yeah, some songs have NSFW lyrics. Listen with headphones or at your own discretion or something.

Give that a listen (or don’t, I can’t tell you what to do) while you read this edition of… THE QUEUE!!!!


Calling it now: Ashenvale/Darkshore warfront.

This isn’t a question — and you may not be the only one to have said this — but I saw this while listicle-ing the songs you guys suggested and, well… good job!


I’m not playing WoW anymore because BfA’s requirements were beyond what my 5-year old computer can handle.

Q4tQ: Will WoW Classic run on modern computers AND older ones like mine and older?

Q4tQ #2: Will a subscription be required for WoW Classic? If not, I’d happily play all day long, but it’s not worth a sub fee if I’m only able to play Classic, and not BfA, due to my aging rig.


1. We don’t know, sadly. We’ll probably have a better idea once we’ve played the demo during BlizzCon.

2. We also don’t know this yet — not too surprisingly, Blizz is going to drum up excitement before delivering what will undoubtedly make people unhappy. My guess is, yes, you will need a subscription to “regular” WoW to play Classic.


For Classic WoW, what if Blizzard used this as a new starting off point. As if this was an AU Azeroth, everything existing the same up to that point, but then the story branches off in a different direction after? They can’t just have Classic forever, because that will get old and lose people. But they can’t add Burning Crusade, because we still have most of that in the game.

What would happen if Blizzard actually made a new xpac for classic WoW, different than the xpacs we have in the current game?

I feel like I’ve answered something similar before… Anyhow, Blizzard wouldn’t do that for several reasons. One, it would split players between two MMOs, and that’s not a good business move. Yeah, there’d be overlap, but there’d also be competition. Two, that would make it impossible to accurately follow lore for anyone who was on the fringes of the fandom and not up to speed on everything all the time. That’s also a bad business move. Three, imagine how big the team would have to be to support that sort of endeavor. Unless Blizzard cuts the current staff in half — bad business move — they’d have to essentially double their WoW team — also not financially viable.

As for Classic not lasting forever? I think you underestimate players’ interest in Classic servers. It will certainly die down over time, but I don’t think it’ll outright dry up. And, ideally, WoW Classic doesn’t require a whole lot of upkeep, so who cares if the audience dwindles?


Are there any modern features that were not in original classic that you think should be in WoW Classic? Conversely, if they do implement some of the newer features which ones would you definitely not want in Classic?

For me, I don’t think I’ll even bother with Classic if they don’t put Achievements in. Also, dual spec from Wrath is important otherwise you will see some specs never used.

As much as I use it, the group finder tool is anathema to the classic experience and should be an obvious exclude. As irritating as it was at times, using chat to find a group was a major part of what made classic a memorable experience. That said, I wouldn’t mind them being exploring new ways to make finding a group easier while still requiring social interaction to make it happen, though I have no suggestions on what form that should take.

I’m a purist. I don’t want them to add anything new. So I guess that’s an answer to both?

Classic WoW should be Classic WoW. If there’s one thing I’d be okay with them “adding,” it would be some of the graphics settings from nowadays. They didn’t have a farther view distance or anything like that because the game couldn’t handle it. But, again, I’d be fine without those additions. If they offered the newer looking water? I’d opt out of it. Give me that good ol’ fashioned jagged-line water.


Q4tMitch: Forsaken customization. Bones out? Bones in? Bones all the way out (skeleton)? Stitched together frankenstein option? These would end up being allied races we had to “earn” if they ever become options at all wouldn’t they?

*Snicker* “Bones in”…

Ahem. Sadly, an all-Forsaken/undead faction probably will never happen, nor will Allied Races in a similar vein. But I’m actually happy with the current out/in offerings of bones. More minute customization — asymmetrical bones out/in configurations — would be cool, though.


Is Mythrax the worst raid boss design since The Coven of Shivarra? Why yes, I do believe it is.

Seriously though, Mythrax has too many mechanics that stops you from DPSing and force you to simultaneously stack and spread, it sucks in a larger raid group.

I actually like both of those fights. Well, that’s with the caveat that I hated Coven’s RNG factor. It seemed too unforgiving that one special could be used one time around, and then the next time around a totally different one was used. This is especially true given Mythic apparently did have a set order.

But as far as Mythrax goes, I kind of like it. I do wish maybe the directionality of the bubble traps weren’t a mechanic on Normal, but eh — I can get past it.


Q4tQ: I keep meaning to try this but if you get a character drunk these days do they do the Flynn Fairwind stagger? Because that should be a thing. Bonus question: what class do you think he is? My 2cents: outlaw rogue.

Man, Blizz really should add that drunk walk. Sadly, no such luck — but it is Brewfest, so you can still watch people get drunk all you want. Just, not with the stagger.

Flynn is definitely an Outlaw Rogue… but one who forgot to put Stealth on his action bars.


Mistah Jay

  • 2BE: Halford Wyrmbane vs Soulare of Andorhal
  • 2BE: Fleet Admiral Tethys vs Captain (or Admiral, your preference) Placeholder
  • final 2BE: Witchmane vs WitchMercy


  • 2BE: Fiona vs Meerah

SPencer Morgan

  • 2BE: Liadrin vs Dayman?


  • 2BE: Abasik Campfire vs Zappyboi


  • 2BE: Kalcheus vs Mistah Jay

Mistah Jay

Soulare — all I can hear when Halford talks is Soldier: 76 being a grumpy old white dude. Soulare is cooler.

Captain Placeholder. Long live Captain Placeholder!

Witch Mercy. Always Witch Mercy.



SPencer Morgan

Do you mean Dayman, fighter of the Nightman? Champion of the Sun? Because yes.


Zappy Boi clearly isn’t afraid to get burned — he grabbed Saurfang’s necklace thing — so he wins. Also, he’s Zappy Boi.


Error. Error. Error.

That’s all for today’s Queue!

If you guys hadn’t seen, Anne’s going through a rough time right now — please send her all the love you can.

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