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The QueueOct 19, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: And also the R, again

I’m writing the Queue on my wife’s birthday and that headline is one of her favorite jokes so yeah, here it is again. Look, it’s her birthday, she gets to see it.


So, are you disappointed about the whole no Diablo 4 announcement at BlizzCon thing?


I mean, they could still announce something cool, but with them having pretty much said “It’s not Diablo 4, guys” I find myself hoping for that Netflix series because anything less feels underwhelming. A Diablo 3 Switch port is cool, but it’s not BlizzCon announcement cool.


Hmm, not sure if its just general confusion over weapons, having had an expansion without them dropping, or if they actually wanted the items for xmog (but didn’t say as such), but so far in LFR, my warrior has had people ask if i was going to use the 2h mace off Taloc (a druid), and the 1h axe off Fetid Devourer (a DH and a Shaman), all of which were agi users, not str users. And at the start of raiding, one of my fellow paladins was performing really poorly, it turned out the 340 weapon he had was an int polearm.

It could be as simple as “It’s the best I could get” for that Paladin. Weapon DPS is still pretty important and if the 340 int weapon has a much higher DPS than any strength alternative they had available, it would still be worth using for Ret.

Similarly, the Demon Hunter and Shaman may just be that desperate for an upgrade. Strength isn’t as good for them as Agi, but Agi classes do get Attack Power from Strength. Oddly enough, Cloth classes apparently get more Melee AP from Strength than Agi classes do.

Druids, however, are a special case — they get AP from both Strength and Agility. So that Druid would have benefited from that mace just as well as an Agility weapon. In fact, if I understand Druids correctly (and any Druid players out there, feel free to correct me) the actual DPS of a weapon isn’t as important to a Feral or Guardian Druid as the stats on it.


Q4tRossi: I imagine a blind leper gnome warrior bit you, transfusing you with warrior powers at the cost of your vision.

You now roam Azeroth, a brawny shirtless man with a blindfold who spams warrior AoE abilities on short cooldown (no GCD).

Is this a correct summary of your backstory?

Naah, I’m just me. I was born in Rhode Island, grew up a spindly little kid who liked to read, had some bad experiences that I’m still dealing with, and eventually lived long enough to get to where I am now. No radioactive Gnome bites, no Warrior powers, I’m just a person same as everyone else.

Yeah, the eye thing sucks, but I’ve probably complained enough about it that no one needs to read it again.


So can you actually level with island expeditions from 110? I’ve seen comments from people implying they were doing that, but I thought you had to be 115 to unlock them, or is it account-wide?

You can, but it’s really not terribly efficient past the first one in a week.


Q4TQ: Do you have “ElseWoW” characters? I don’t mean Alternate Universe as WoW normally talks about them, but a character or characters who occupy the same game world but have a history completely removed (or perhaps even contradictory) to your main character(s)?

My Night Elf DK is the same person as my Night Elf Warrior, except in the DK’s timeline she died and was raised by the Scourge, and in the Warrior’s timeline she didn’t.


Q4tQ: Assuming there is a warfront in parallel to each raid tier (which we don’t know will be a thing but bear with me), does the existence of warfronts as a pretty much “apply time and win” avenue of gearing up “permit” LFR to be “harder?”

As I mentioned previously, LFR is totally off my gang’s radar so long as warfronts keep us in the “good enough” sphere of gear throughout the expansion unless they gate something behind it (I fully expect the naval allied races to be gated behind the battle of Dazar Alor, LFR being an option, much like with Suramar at a couple steps) or some other compelling reason to look at LFR is given. Since the “inevitable” path is present for relevant gearing via warfronts, is LFR then allowed to be… “less inevitable?”

I don’t think LFR needs to be more difficult.

LFR exists not to gear people up, but to allow people who do not have a raid group to get to see raid content. That’s what it has always been for. Blizzard designs these boss encounters and before LFR, many players didn’t get to see them at all, and that was pretty not great in terms of the content existing and being out of player reach. So the existence of Warfronts and gear from Warfronts shouldn’t affect LFR at all — the gear that drops from LFR is already on the personal loot system, and the fights aren’t intended to be as challenging as other difficulties by design.

The goal is to let as many players see the content as possible, not to make it challenging for them. If you want higher difficulty, we’ve got normal, heroic and mythic raids for that.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this week. Happy birthday, Julian. I love you.

Everyone else, you’re okay too, but I really just love her, sorry.

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