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The QueueOct 26, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’m so sick

Enjoy this video from 2007. Yes, that’s what the models really looked like.

I’m extremely ill. Breathing through my nose requires cooldowns. Let’s talk about stuff.


Q4tQ, or more of a Q4tQueuevians: how do you know if you’re ready to get a pet?

I’ve talked about thinking about getting a cat before, and I’m planning to go to a local adoption thing this weekend. But I still don’t know if I really want a pet. I’ve lived on my own since 2002, and haven’t had a pet since I was a kid, so it’s been a long, long time since I had to take care of anyone but myself. Pretty much everyone I know is encouraging me to get a cat, but I genuinely don’t know if I want to have to deal with someone else around the house (because a cat is as much a roommate as a pet), to say nothing of having to feed and clean up after a pet. Yet at the same time, I can’t help thinking that yes, it would be nice to have a small cuddly ball of fur around here. So I genuinely don’t know what to do.


Well, first off, don’t get a pet if you won’t take care of it. That’s just no good for you or them. And it’s a lot more work than anyone wants to explain to you — not just things like feeding and cleaning up after it, but you will actually have to consider the pet’s emotional needs (seriously) and every animal is different.

No two cats are the same — of my three cats, for example, each has a completely different personality. We basically use a babygate that only one of the three cats can jump to give him a space in the house away from his sisters and he basically spends all of his time up there, he doesn’t mix with them. And he loves physical attention — being petted and scritched, being cuddled, and when I try and sleep during the day because of my eyes he loves to come in the bedroom and clamber all over me.

I love him dearly, but I had no idea cats could act this way going in. None of my cats acted aloof and standoffish at all. They don’t act like dogs, because they’re not dogs, but the stereotype of cats as self sufficient loners who barely need anything from their people is way, way off in my experience. Not a one of the cats won’t come up to me and solicit affection at the strangest times and they all react positively the first time they see me in a day, or when I return home.

My advice to you is look at yourself and really, honestly see if you have it in you to care about and love a small animal that will essentially always be dependent on you for all of its days. There are a lot of expenses involved — food, supplies, medical care — and in the end, all you get back for it is whatever version of love they have for you: a tiny little tongue licking at your wounded arm where you fell down that day, a yowl at the sight of you and a wiggling little tail to show you how excited they are to see you, a series of quite painful attempts to break your wrist that they really do mean as a love greeting.

I personally came to love each of my cats and my puppy a great deal, and they’ve made my life better. But they’re not toys — they’re a permanent responsibility. So if you feel like you can handle that, I’d definitely recommend getting one. They’re really nothing like the stereotype.


Q4tQ: Should WoW Battle pets “evolve”?

I’m reminded of an old Penny Arcade webcomic that I’m too sick to search for with Gabe yelling about people giving up on their bodily functions so they can play World of Starcraft and frankly, I feel like this nightmare scenario you’ve presented is dangerously close to creating that situation.

People who love Battle Pets really love them. I’d like to allow them to have jobs and lives.


One thing I miss from earlier expansion? Badges/valor points. Just, something to stem bad luck. I know re-roll tokens have kind of taken their place, but they seem to get pricier each expac (remember how cheap they were and how easy they could be hoarded in Mists?). I can’t blame them for limiting the number we could have at once, but wow, 2k gold for one now? Even spending War Resources will drain your supply quickly, at least for now. Maybe once the second Warfront hits and we can more frequently get the bigger resource rewards for the related quests it will be easier to spend them for the seals.

But regardless, even with re-roll tokens you’re at the mercy of the RNG. Badges/valor points would be great to help fill in those one or two gear slots that just. Won’t. Drop. I’m not saying we need to go back to the Icecrown situation where you could just grind dungeons and buy all of the Tier 10 gear, but clearly there could be a better middle ground.

I agree with you.

I could stop there, but I’m supposed to actually discuss things here, so I’ll go one step further — for all that people complained about people being able to get a complete set of the 10 man version of Tier 10 back then, I think it was a beautiful, elegant system that let players get ready to raid and I deeply appreciated it. As a tank in ICC, my DPS offset gear was all from badges for a long, long time (well, except for trinkets, which were just the Armor Pen trinkets from Naxx and one of the five man ICC dungeons) and I was really happy that I could put together a DPS set like that.

Sure, there were negative effects but I think those were due to the inflation of available gear in that expansion, not because of badges themselves. Giving us a way to get something in that slot seems like a really good idea to me. I’d much rather know I could get a piece of gear once I got enough badges to spending War Resoruces and/or gold on two chances to reroll for loot and getting nothing both times. It just feels better.


On Monday i did a plus 2 on my paladin. Nothing fancy, quick run no big deal.

Open my chest on Reset day and i was given a keystone for Kings Rest +11.

The highest key i’ve done all Xpac is 2 lol. Do the RNG gods have extra faith in my abilities?

It’s a bug — It’s been happening all expansion and they’ve been trying to fix it all expansion. One of my friend routinely gets Temple of Sethraliss +12 keystones. He’s never run past 4. The game just has a weird sense of humor, I guess.

Okay. I’m gonna go be sick now. Talk to y’all later.

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