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The QueueNov 16, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: The Beard Abides

It’s been a heck of a night. Toilet exploded and vomited sewage into my house. No, really. My dog was very upset with the repair guy. I’ve been up all night. It’s been real. Anyway, this is the Queue. That’s my beard. Let’s do this. No, I’m not doing the “Let’s Queue this” joke, I’m tired.


So here’s my take on the whole Wrathgate/Sylvannas thing:

Sylvannas: Get the blight throwers ready Purtress. When Bolvar and Dranosh get the Lich King out, unleash hell.

Putress: While that will deifinatly take care of the Lich King, and the Alliance, won’t that also kill members of the Horde?

S: Eh, [Pirate Ghost]’em.

*Five Minutes Later*

Image of Varimathras: Putress, after your done at the Wrathgate join me in Undercity for the Coup.

P: Totally onboard, but won’t that anger the other factions in the Horde?

IoV: Eh, [Pirate Ghost]’em.

My take on it hasn’t changed, because nowhere in the interview does he specifically say Sylvanas ordered Putress to attack during the Wrathgate — he just says that Sylvanas is the same as she was during that moment, which I agree with. We always knew that Sylvanas ordered Putress and the RAS to make the plague, and then that Putress decided to attack both the Scourge and the Horde and Alliance members in front of them. I’m positive that she didn’t order that, not because she would balk at doing that — we’ve seen at the Battle for Lordaeron that Sylvanas has no trouble killing Horde — but because it wouldn’t serve her purpose. Similarly, the Varimathras betrayal wasn’t on her orders, and clearly Putress was part of that too — seems like he learned from the Dark Lady a little too well, ultimately.



While I’m sure Michigan cold and wintery for American sensibilities, this morning in Newfoundland I woke up to 90km/h winds and snow drifts burying my car that I had to shovel away before driving over icy roads to get to work.

For most Yankees this would shut down a city. For Newfies it was Thursday.

(realtalk though eff Winter)

I live in Alberta, where it literally cannot make up its mind between -22c and a foot of snow and hour and 4 degrees and raining, alternating by the day. Come at me, Atlantic provinces.

We seriously had thick black ice over the asphalt on every surface available to walk on the other day. Come at me. Because frankly even if you do you’ll get a meter then fall down. What I’m saying is that Alberta weather is the worst and I win the Canadian version of the Olympics, which consists entirely of complaining about the weather.


Have you had an experience in game so bad that it reinforced your feeling that maybe spec/class X wasn’t right for you?

Last night i was tanking a M+ on the DH. And it went brutally. I messed up pulls, kept mis timing abilities, and generally felt super squishy. On the other hand, i tanked a much higher M+ on my Paladin, and despite making mistakes and over pulling i always felt in control and beefy.

I mean to be fair Explosive week is tough for DH as you do much more kiting on it but you can’t kite away from the explosives or it’s a wipe, but it was still a night and day experience.

Literally any time I’ve tried to play a caster in a game. I just can’t. I try Wizard in Diablo 3, I try Mage and Warlock and Moonkin in WoW, I try Force Mage in Dragon Age,  it just doesn’t work. I only managed to play Vanguard in Mass Effect Andromeda because they finally made them the charging, exploding cannonballs I always wanted them to be, plus shotguns. Shotguns in Mass Effect are like a big melee attack that also sprays shot in faces.

Yeah, I’m pretty much melee for life. Also, I can’t pull off a Rogue no matter how many times I try.


In the upcoming Azshara content, is there going to be a splinter faction of rebel Naga who we befriend and have to rep up with?
There’s *always* a splinter faction of rebels from the main group and we’re always repping up with them. It’s always “XYZ are bad and our enemy… wellllllll except for this little band of outcasts…”

At BlizzCon, they said the Alliance would get an entirely new group who were on the verge of extinction because of the Naga while the Horde get a group of Gillgoblins, Makura and others who the Naga have enslaved to team up with. No splinter faction of Naga rebels, I’m afraid. Actually, I’m not afraid. I hate Naga. I’m cool with just killing them.


Q4tQ: If Blizzard decided the best way to “reset” the lore was to do a timeskip in WoW, do you think they should also evolve the designs into a more futuristic style (not sci-fi, I’m thinking more like Steampunk), or just leave them the same way they are now?

I don’t think they should do a timeskip, because I don’t think it will solve anything, and WoW is already pretty close on the whole Steampunk thing — it’s got guns, at least two countries that look like Victorian England to a greater or lesser degree, Goblin and Gnome technology, airships, siege tanks, the Deeprun Tram, shredders, etc etc.

If anything I feel like WoW gets a little too techy from time to time. I like it when it’s in ancient Titan vaults and Gnome stuff, but it does make me feel a little divorced from the whole ‘epic fantasy’ aspect of the game. Maybe that’s just me — I honestly don’t think any game is ever going to do the steampunk magic stuff as well as Arcanum did.

Okay, I’ll see y’all next week.

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