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News > OverwatchNov 30, 2018 3:43 pm CT

How to make a basket on the Overwatch drop ship every time (it’s surprisingly simple)

Popular Twitch streamer Daniel Fenner released a quick video on his Twitter, showing us all how to win Overwatch. No, it has nothing to do with SR or hacks. It’s all about getting good at basketball.

In the drop ship room where certain Control maps begin, there’s a basketball hoop and several basketballs placed throughout the room. It’s a common pastime as you’re waiting for the match to start to try to sink a few hoops. When you successfully make a basket, a horn goes off and confetti rains from the ceiling — so of course doing it is the stuff of legends. Daniel believes he’s unlocked the secret to sinking that shot every time, and he was kind enough to show us how.

Just line up the ball with the basket, then aim at the basket, and you’re on your way to the annals of Overwatch history, you baller you. GG EZ It’s past my bedtime. Please don’t tell my mommy.

In theory it’s simple, but it’s slightly more difficult to execute, I found. I was able to make Daniel’s method work roughly a third of the time, but each time I missed, I usually had it bounce off the rim or drain just barely to the left or right. It’s a solid strategy, but requires more patience than I have to line everything up absolutely perfectly. Also, while I made some custom games to try it out, good luck getting a clear shot at the ball in a real game. By the time you get your body perfectly aligned, the Lucio on your team will probably boop that sucker right off the table. Still, if all the stars align — not to mention your crosshairs — it’s a pretty neat way to impress your friends and mystify your teammates.

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