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The QueueNov 30, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: An answer to today’s Breakfast Topic

In short, the thing I keep forgetting to do is write this article, and that’s why I’m often awake in the middle of the night.

Hi. It’s the Queue. Let’s talk about stuff.


I saw i think the angriest salt threat on MMO champ… though worthy of a discussion!

Do you think that any addons should be MANDATORY in your group content?

I’m conflicted because while some addons are SUPER helpful (DBM, Meters for personal performance tweaks, Weak Auras etc) the game generally gives you great information and enough to do stuff well. I find that often instead of watching the boss i watch the timer for their ability.


Depends on what you mean by mandatory. And to a degree, it depends on what you mean by ‘should’.

I’ve been in guilds that required a certain suite of addons, and that those addons be kept current. DBM or BigWigs for example. But if I didn’t want to use those addons, I didn’t have to raid with those folks. I don’t think I want Blizzard suddenly baking Boss Mods into the game more than they already kind of do with some moves being heavily telegraphed.

I guess I come over on the side of “It’s okay if guilds require you to use addons because you can always not play with those guys, but not necessarily okay if Blizzard does it” even though Blizzard does in fact kind of use some addons anyway.


Q4tQ: On a scale of 1 to Heroes Season 1 Finale, how disappointed will you be if we don’t see a resurrected Xibala this xpac?

I wouldn’t be.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the idea of a giant Devilsaur kaiju Loa rampaging through Zandalar fills me with demented glee, but I’m a little worried that they’ll end up throwing everything and the kitchen sink at us this expansion and I want them to actually deal with some of the plates they’ve got spinning at the moment. A city-sized Devilsaur would be so, so awesome, but it’s got nothing to do with what Sylvanas is up to, or the potential threat of Azshara and the Old Gods, and we’re going to get steampunk robot Gnomes in 8.2, so… yeah. I love the idea, but sometimes you need to let your darlings go just in the hopes of getting something even remotely coherent by expansion’s end.


Had an epiphany on the next big WoW media project Blizzard should do. Either live action or Blizzard CGI Netflix series of The Frozen Throne–i.e., the Fall of Arthas and rise of the Lich King.

That entire sequence released, say, with the remastered WCIII would double the hype and probably spike interest in both WCIII and WoW.

Probably too late now, but it’d be an amazing series to watch.

Can we not?

Look, I loved WCIII as much as anyone, but I’m so tired of us going back to that well. I’m done with Arthas, I don’t want to see him again. I love the idea of a Netflix series made by the lovely folks at Blizzard, and I’d absolutely love a Warcraft series, but I do not want to see Arthas again. The guy has been dead for almost a decade now and we still can’t get away from him.

I know everybody loved Wrath of the Lich King and I’m fairly unique in thinking it was kind of a meh expansion, but still, if they do a big animated tie in movie or series I really want it to be about something else. Anything else.


In regards to Sylvanas and how I wonder about how her character arc will go down this expansion.

There have been many tips about who she really serves. I wonder if by the end of this expansion we might just see her ‘walk away’ from all her duties and the Horde – she’s done trying to play by the rules and thus seeing them come to no fruition… and thus become the true Champion of ‘Death’ or whatever Master she truly serves.

So far it doesn’t seem to me like Sylvanas truly serves anything that isn’t herself, and if it came out that she was serving some other entity I’d be pretty heartily dissatisfied with that kind of plot. To my mind Sylvanas works best when she’s running her own agenda, no matter how awful her decisions end up being for everyone. I just don’t see her as a servant.


Q4tQ: The Lizardmen of Warhammer arrive in Warcraft. Saurians are charging in atop Cold Ones (think Albertasaurus). Skinks are blasting people with magitech mounted atop Stegodons, Slann are casually hand waving away the most powerful spells Jaina and Khadgar can muster. Kroxigors are snapping people up in their jaws and performing death rolls. Priests of Sotec, are directing veritable tides of snakes to wash over Stormwind and Ogrimmar.

How long until the Horde and Alliance are gone? Who is destroyed first?

Hunters with actual freaking Devilsaurs (like Thok) wipe out those Cold Ones, the Gnomes take five minutes to come up with swarms of robots that cancel out the magitech cannons while Goblins make swarms of robots that explode inside the Stegodon’s intestines, Slan get crushed by the Ancients, Kroxigars are devoured by Shadow Priests opening portals to the Void, Priests of Sotec watch helplessly as their tides of snakes are eaten by elementals.

Then the entire Warhammer setting is destroyed by creating too many magical portals.

Okay, that’s the Queue for this Friday. I’ll see y’all next week.

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