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The QueueDec 7, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: My birthday is here and I am so very old

Deckard Cain

It’s my birthday. I am already having a rough day.

I haven’t mentioned it here much lately, but heck, it’s my birthday, go buy one of my books.

I am so very old.


Q4tQ: If this site is called “BlizzardWatch”, why hasn’t there been a single mention of the devastation Winter Storm Diego is forecast to visit on North Carolina this weekend?

We can watch things without talking about them. I don’t talk about how you write every day in your journal about how much you hate Dwarves, do I?


Greetings, all!

I’ve been away from Azeroth for a few weeks. Before Patch 8.1 comes, is there any stuff “going away” that I should aim for?
Probably not … but it pays to ask the experts. :-)

As far as I know, aside from some Ahead of the Curve achievements nothing is going away in this patch.


It’s not the first I hear people say they’ll buy a second game so they can start fresh. Pardon my ignorance but can’t you just ignore your mounts/heirlooms/gold? Are people tempted that much that they’ll spend real money just to start over?

I’ve never really understood the idea that pretending to be an Elf and spending real money to do it is okay, but doing it twice is somehow not okay.

Everyone’s idea of fun is different, and in the end real money gets spent on all sorts of pastimes and diversions. People spend real money on a whole variety of video games, they buy skins and sprays and pets and mounts and all of it is nonsense, really, if you want to get hard and cold and materialistic about it. I mean, think about how many MMO’s have closed down. Someday, this game too will be gone, and that faerie dragon mount you bought with real money will be gone with it.

If someone wants to spend their money on a second license, whatever their reasoning is, my only question is ‘Does this bring them enjoyment?’ If the answer is yes, then that’s good enough for me. Take it from the old man who is slowly going blind, take what little bits of fun and enjoyment you can get out of life and don’t begrudge others whatever makes them momentarily happy.

Spending money for a second WoW license strikes me as no better or worse a use of their money than anything else. I have lots of friends who have two WoW licenses for a variety of reasons, and doing so because you want to start all over again from scratch seems like a perfectly good reason to do it to me. I wouldn’t, but I’m lazy and broke.


Hmm, in Diablo 3 the logs from the shipwreck in Act 2 mention a Captain Hanso and a Reyes. The names are a reference to characters in Lost, with the numbers on the pages corresponding to the famous combination from the show, and the first letter of each page combining to spell out DHARMA.

Alright, so Blizzard likes its pop-culture references and occasionally likes repeating them. Does this mean that Hanzo and Reaper (aka Reyes) in OW are technically nods to Lost as well? I mean, Reaper can literally turn into a smoke monster…

I doubt they really meant those characters as Lost references, but it’s possible. I never watched Lost, so I really couldn’t say.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’m going to go be old now.

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