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WoWDec 13, 2018 1:24 pm CT

New Vulpine Familiar mount available from Blizzard store

Okay, let’s not mince words — this new Vulpine Familiar mount is ludicrously cute.

Just so, so cute. If you’re in the market for a blue fox mount that can fly, and really, why wouldn’t you be, then it can be yours for $25 USD on the Blizzard store. There was an early leak of the video for the mount on the Korean World of Warcraft site, which of course led to rumors that the mount was going to be an exclusive for Korean players only, but we now know the truth — the mount is available worldwide to anyone willing to spend a little IRL money, or who has enough gold in their WoW account to pick up some tokens and fill up that Blizzard account balance.

I know some folks aren’t really big on purchasing mounts or pets, but I see them as nice stocking stuffers for the holidays — I often try and make sure I pick up a mount for my wife around Christmas, and so Blizzard targeted this one’s release perfectly to snag my discretionary holiday spending money.

The Vulpine Familiar is a fairly unique model, distinctive from other fox mounts in game both because of its white and blue color and its distinctive face and ears. It also has some unique animations including this high jump. (Though it doesn’t actually let you jump any higher than normal.)

It can also serve as both a land and air mount so you never have to leave it behind in zones where you don’t have flying unlocked yet.

The mount is live now, so head to the store if you want to buy one for that special person in your life — or yourself, maybe you’re that special person in your own life. Who can deny that you deserve a flying blue fox? No one.

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