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The QueueJan 9, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’ve got the bow, all I need is 10 gold for the arrows

Surprise! (It’s) Mitch! Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me… That’s still a fun meme to reference, right? I’m cool, y’all.

Anyhow, I’m here, taking over for Liz and you guys are just gonna have to DEAL WITH IT. Hope that’s okay (:



QftQ: Is the Red Soul Shard that drops off the Dark Lord at the end of the anniversary a random drop, or are you only allowed to have one of them? Or do you need to watch the cinematic all the way through to get it? I just ran through it again tonight on my Crusader, and didn’t get one.

Unless I’ve been greatly misled, it’s a guaranteed drop, and there’s no way you’d need to watch the cinematic just to have it appear. But it can only be used in a head slot, correct? Is there any reason you’d need to have more than one on you at once anyhow?

My Diablo knowledge is a bit fuzzy, so if I’ve said anything wrong, this was all a ruse designed to get you to prove me wrong and answer the question in the comments.


I’ve heard rumors that I was supposed to get one of those fancy cat mounts when I finished up Suramar a while back. I … did not get it. Did I miss something?

Are you referring to the reward from Suramar storyline or the Allied Race mount for Nightborne? I’m assuming the former, since the Allied Race mount has very little room for error in terms of getting it or not getting it. So, to get the Arcanist’s Manasaber, you’ll need to finish the entire Insurrection storyline, kill Gul’dan, take Khadgar’s portal in the raid itself, go back to Shal’aran and get the final quest from Oculeth.

If you’ve done all that, then this was all a ruse designed to get you to prove me wrong and answer the question in the comments.


So because I wanna get back into Mass Effect but also playing the for the StarCraft Warchest skins, I can’t help but ask:

QftQ: Protoss Empire (including the arcship) vs. the Reapers

(For point of reference, the Citadel is approximately half the size of the Spear of Adun, so a Reaper is about the same size as a Protoss Carrier)

Dang, this is a tough one. My gut instinct was to say that Reapers would win, just because of how ruthless they are, and because they’re kinda like the Zerg but with more lasers. But Protoss have a bit more variety to them, which means they’re probably win in the long run. If Reapers — ahem — zerged the Protoss unexpectedly, I think the Protoss would be under-prepared and would lose.

If the Protoss knew what was coming and could get the entire race together (including the Tal’darim and other cultural groups), I think they’d win. But again, this is a tougher one, and I think it could be a toss-up depending on the specific scenario.

And if you disagree, this was all a ru– y’know what? Never mind. This joke is already old and will never reappear.


Q4tQ: One of the statistics Blizzard likes to use was how only 1% of the player base ever got to see Naxx when it first came out, which led to them reusing it in Wrath. When WoW Classic launches there will be no time crunch thanks to the fact it won’t get any expansions. Do you think this will result more of the player base will be able to experience the original Naxx, or will the high difficulty level still keep the majority of players away?

Percentage-wise, there will probably be more folks who see the original Naxx. But a big part of this is because I expect — okay, I knowClassic WoW will have far fewer players than Vanilla did. Will the actual number be higher? Honestly, I have no idea. But that’s mostly because I have no idea what the actual numbers are behind any of this.

The amount of players who form a guild with a large enough roster, manage to get 40 raiders together consistently, and gear through content enough to be prepare for Naxx? That’s going to be a small amount. Okay, well, it’ll probably be at least 40. But you get my point. Actually getting to Naxxramas is a huge hurdle and a huge commitment. However…

Because of how much objectively better players are nowadays and how much easier older mechanics are, technically speaking, there’s a big unknown that could play a huge factor here. Once a guild has reached that point, if that guild chooses to make a community event out of Naxx and offer regular carries for a limited number of players, there’s a chance regular “Classic Naxx” events could become a thing. If this happens, I’m pretty confident more people will see Naxx, numbers-wise. But if not? Ehhh… Ask me again a few months after Classic has launched.


Q4tQ: We saw on the Burning of Teldrassil animated, a Night Elf pushing Sylvanas buttons a little bit too far… and then we got the biggest bonfire camp ever. Do you think there’s anything that would make her finally lose her tempered strategic mind and go full raging Banshee?

If I had to bet money, it’d be on Nathanos dying (again) to do it.

Sorry if you’ve heard me make this rant before, but I will maintain to the bitter end that Teldrassil burning was not a split-second decision that was made on a whim because Sylvanas got pissed off at a dying Night Elf. Her goal from the very beginning was to destroy hope. Her entire method of doing so was by killing Malfurion, a symbol of hope to the Night Elves. She told Saurfang to kill Malfurion, but she knew (and likely expected ahead of time) that he didn’t go through with it. So how else do you kill hope? Burn the tree. Different method, same goal achieved.

And — AND! — if she hadn’t been planning to burn it to begin with, why did she bring catapults capable of hitting Teldrassil from Darkshore, complete with enough firepower to, y’know, burn it. And why did she send all the Druids to Silithus if she didn’t want as little opposition as possible? Sylvanas is not the type to not have a backup plan. She went in to the entire assault knowing full well burning Teldrassil might be necessary. Heck, she might have wanted it to happen. Regardless, she knew.

So, um… what was it you asked? Oh, right. Sassanos. Yeah, I bet him dying might actually send Sylvanas into a rage wherein she might actually not think clearly. Again, I think he’s dying (for good) by the end of the expansion… but I totally don’t want that because he’s great.


They’re really pushing the story of Sylvanas losing her val’kyr. There’s something special about her form, and Nathanos, that they have to give up their life to bring them back like that (but not when they raise normal forsaken).

With the talk of Nathanos’ death, do you think that Sylvanas would give up her last val’kyr to save him, and if so, would she step aside from battle and being in the spotlight, to avoid death, as she won’t be able to come back again?

I think that, yes, she would sacrifice her Val’kyr to save Nathanos. And I think she might be more careful as a result — or, like, totally reckless trying to find a replacement. But that’s all too easy.

If Nathanos is going to die, he’s going to die. Giving him an out via Val’kyr would be too easy. It would give Sylvanas more control over the situation than she already has. Sylvanas keeps pushing and pushing, and eventually something will snap. Much as I like her, something is going to happen that she’s not prepared for, and when it does, it won’t be something she’s happy brushing off. There are few things that fall into that category, and Nathanos dying is one of them.


Q4tQ: How many people are going to remember Wintergrasp enough in order to actually win it once it becomes a Battleground in 8.1.5?

Who cares if people remember it?! The fun will be people learning it for the first time, people re-learning it, and the latter group helping the former. I don’t want Wintergrasp the Battleground to be a walk in the park for either side. I want chaos and fun.


So, how do Island Expedition loot drops work now? Should I try to kill dragons if they appear or does it matter?

Just kill anything, loot Azerite however, and enjoy whatever rewards you get at the end. Loot at the end is based entirely on which mobs were on the island at any point in the run. Doesn’t matter if you saw them, touched them, killed them, or danced with them.

This is, of course, a change that occurred in 8.1. It wasn’t always this way. Personally, I kind of liked being able to target mobs, because it meant I could, well, target rewards. And I like targeting rewards, because there are some rewards I don’t like.


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