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The QueueJan 21, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Let’s do lunch

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Hey guys, how’s it going? Pull up a chair, grab a hunk off the old steak pile. Or, you know, have a leg of an arbitrary birdlike…creature. No? Perhaps a plate of crab-ish thing? I’ll chop ya a slice soon as I dig this hatchet out of the table here–

–oh, okay. Yeah, yeah I guess the fruit’s probably safe. Knock yourselves out.


Q4tQ: Is there something I’m missing in the handling of lord stormsong’s mind control phase? I’ve almost completely written off dungeons as a leveling activity because literally no LFD pug seems capable of one-shotting this boss and the runback is just unreasonable.

Here’s what I understand:

-If you are MC’ed, run through the orbs.

-if you are not MC’ed, DPS the person who is or you straight up wipe due to being down a person, likely the healer.

That is in fact exactly how it’s supposed to work — except sometimes there aren’t enough orbs up, in which case your fellow dungeoneers are going to have to thwap you excessively on top of the orb running. I think that dungeon is probably my least favorite dungeon, honestly. It’s not the encounters, it’s the really, really lengthy run back that kind of annoys me.

I’m not sure how to solve this problem, though. I mean, they could lower the amount of damage needed to break the MC, but that would kind of trivialize the encounter, you know? And if the solution to “players aren’t doing this step of an encounter” always boils down to “well…just make the encounter easier,” that doesn’t exactly make for entertaining content. Unfortunately, I think it’s just a matter of crossing your fingers and hoping you get a good group, or just toughing it out.


Q4TQ: If the nexpac is Black Empire, do you think the Elemental Lords will all side with us (via the Earthen Ring?), or do you think Blizzard will keep them out of sight for story/balance reasons?

At this point I think if the Elemental Lords sided with anyone, they’d side with us — the Shaman campaign in Legion basically had us mere mortals run around and ally with them, in some cases even helping to establish a new Elemental Lord in places where we just…you know, killed the old ones.

But that’s if they chose to side with anyone. I’m not so sure that they’d be on board with a second war against the Black Empire. I mean, look at what happened the first time around. Would they really risk a repeat experience? Would we risk them falling to the wrong side a second time around?


Spoilery Horde question: I just finished the quest to bring Vol’jin’s ashes to Bwonsamdi in his necropolis and he’s audibly upset that Vol’jin seems to have moved without leaving a forwarding address. This brings me to my question.

The quest ends and… nothing, no further quest, no hint as to what the next step might be. At least the War Campaign tells me I need to wait for something. Have I missed anything? Do I need to get rep with anyone for the next bit? Is there a next bit yet?

This particular quest chain has been around for quite some time now, so I’d hesitate to call it spoiler-y at this point. However, you’re stuck in the same spot I was stuck until I figured out where to continue — and if there’s two of us, there’s probably more out there, so hey! It’s worth addressing.

If you’ve got enough reputation (I believe it’s somewhere in revered), all you have to do is head to Zanchul over in Dazar’alor. There’s an area there with a temple to Bwonsamdi, and he’s just hanging around outside waiting to give you the next section. It’s just far enough out of the way of standard player traffic that it’s easily missed, unless you happen to be specifically looking for it.

I sort of wish he’d give us some sort of shout-out to let us know he’s there. I mean, I don’t need a piece of mail in the mailbox or anything, but if he sent one of his priests to give us a heads up, or just…you know, talked in our head the next time we popped by the Great Seal, that would be helpful.


Why do we still have to wait five minutes for the battle of Light’s Hope Chapel to begin anyway?

Ah, Light’s Hope Chapel. Home to Korfax, a name that still strikes terror in my heart, along with bouts of uncontrollable laughter. So the way Light’s Hope works is a little different from other group scenarios — when it originally launched back in Wrath, there were a lot of players working their way through the Death Knight opening all at once. It wasn’t like a scenario that you loaded into — this was before scenario technology was introduced — it was just waves of players riding out to Light’s Hope in a steady stream. They staggered the start of the thing to kind of keep groups herded together and keep the area from getting overwhelmed, I think. Regardless, the experience hasn’t really been touched since it was released, so that old five minute timer is still out there.

I imagine it hasn’t been adjusted just because it’s old content, and the five minute timer isn’t too out of hand. If you had to wait a half hour, I bet they’d have done something about it by now. Or there may be some mechanics reason that they can’t just simply remove the timer, or make it shorter. Still, by today’s standards it’s a lengthy wait to just finish a quest, and the wait isn’t really needed anymore.


Q4tQ: Do you think there will be any legendaries in 8.2? 8.3?

I don’t think they plan on introducing any legendaries in Battle for Azeroth, to my knowledge. And maybe that’s okay — honestly, given how many were being thrown at us in Legion, legendaries kind of lost their luster. I think if they reintroduced them at some point, I’d prefer something like the way they did it in Mists — one item that everyone is eligible for, attached to an expansion-long quest chain that has you upgrade that item over the course of the expansion. Something with a good story behind it, something that makes it feel special.

Our Artifact weapons essentially took that slot in Legion, and actual legendaries were just kind of…thrown in as an add-on item like a side of fries. I’m okay with taking a break from them right now, but I do hope that they come back in expansions to follow.


Question for the Queue: Are there anymore Druids of the Fang? Naralex is awake and I am thought he was the one that started it?

You are correct! At one point, Naralex was part of a perfectly nice order of Druids that set out to harness the underground springs in the Wailing Caverns. He intended to use them to bring life back to the Barrens above, via the Emerald Dream. It was an excellent idea in theory, but unfortunately, the Dream was already touched by the Nightmare at that point.

While Naralex slept, his visions turned into nightmares, and the Caverns — along with that perfectly nice order of Druids — were corrupted. Instead of trying to heal the Barrens, they decided to try and warp the land to reflect their twisted dreams, transforming into the Druids of the Fang.

Needless to say, none of that worked out due to our timely intervention. We essentially wiped out the order when we killed the fang lords, and the Druids of the Fang are gone. As for Naralex, he came to his senses after we woke him up, and he’s with the Cenarion Circle now.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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