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DiscussionFeb 6, 2019 8:00 am CT

What game haven’t you tried yet?

Blizzard has a ton of titles in lots of genres to try out, so of course people who enjoy one of them won’t necessarily enjoy all of them. Even on the Blizzard Watch staff, not all of us play all the games Blizzard has to offer.

Most of us at least dabble in WoW, but while Matticus is an e-sports level Hearthstone manager, the last time I played was back before Wild decks were a thing. Similarly, most of our dedicated stream team — Tyler Colp, Nico Deyo, and me — all play Overwatch semi-regularly, but the frenetic action can be a bit much for the others.

Besides Hearthstone, I’d been avoiding Diablo 3 for a while. I played Diablo 2 pretty seriously, but on release Diablo 3 didn’t get the best reviews, and I was already pretty invested in another ARPG called Torchlight, which takes the hack-and-slash grind of Diablo but also allows you to have a pet. I’m a sucker for fluffy things, and even before my hands typed through a few thousand words every day, I only had enough in the tank to play a couple hours worth of ARPG before they started to ache from fatigue due to constant clicking.

With the start of season 16 I started playing Diablo because I need those wings in my life, and I was definitely passing over a gem. I’m not fully sure what I’m doing with gear, and Kanai’s Cube is just there looking orange, but even so I’m having a freaking blast every time I play. I feel a lot like Brightwing — it’s so much fun doing murders!

So, what game haven’t you tried yet, and why? Do FPS games give you a headache? Are there not enough hours in your day to invest the time in an MMO? Does the Sci-Fi vibe of StarCraft not butter your biscuit–or maybe evolve your zergling, as it were? What would it take for you to try out the games you haven’t tried yet?

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