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DiscussionMay 13, 2019 8:00 am CT

How much attention do you pay to your characters?

This isn’t justWoW question, but it’s a WoW question first. Recently, while being asked if my characters’ backstories had any connections to established lore characters, I realized that they didn’t — but moreover, I realized that I have likely put far more time and thought into their backstories than you’d expect for someone who doesn’t play on an RP server and who doesn’t even RP that much on them. I mean, I have a long, thought-out story about how my first character fled from Lordaeron during the Third War and just barely made it to the Wetlands alive, and from there made his way to Stormwind where he joined the Army for a while before eventually going into the freelance mercenary and/or dungeon explorer line of work. I actually had a tumblr for a while dedicated to pictures of and stories about my Draenei and his life and backstory. So it’s fair to say that I tend to come up with pretty detailed backstories for these characters.

But I even do this in games like Diablo 3 where you’re not even really playing a character, but kind of a template — you’re playing the Barbarian or Crusader, and they don’t even get names until they show up in Heroes of the Storm. I still came up with the headcanon that the male Barb is the female Barb’s dad come south looking for his daughter who left the ruins of Arreat and whose mother demanded her go find her, for example. The Wizards? Twin siblings. The Crusaders? No relationship between them, they’re both just Crusaders. And as weird as it sounds, I imagine I’d spend a lot of time thinking about whatever characters I mained in Overwatch, if I played it. As it is I probably spend more time thinking about the Omnic Crisis than is strictly healthy.

So what about y’all? Do you have complicated theories about what’s really going on with the Nexus? Do your WoW characters have a dedicated family tree worked out because all of your alts are related to your main in some way? How much attention do you even pay to these digital avatars we inhabit?

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