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WoWMay 14, 2019 10:00 am CT

Mechagnomes can dance! But they probably won’t be playable

In another episode of Blizzard teasing us with things we probably can’t have, dances have been added to the new Mechagnome race that we encounter on Mechagon Island. Wowhead datamined a cute little robotic dance that goes perfectly with the Mechagnome lady’s robotic limbs. It’s not the first unique animation either — other animations and customization options were added to the race, which you can preview with Wowhead’s Dressing Room.

It’s fun to see these kinds of things added because it gives a little flair to the game world. And it makes it more fun when or if you can grab their appearance through fun hijinks involving stuff like a glyph or potion or toy. However, it also gives hope to players and can be a little misleading, giving the impression that these will be viable races for character players at some point in the future. Since Allied Races came along at the end of Legion, everyone thinks that everything will become a new Allied Race.

However, giving customization options to non-playable races doesn’t mean they’re destined to become playable. After Vulpera options were datamined, Ornyx posted on the old forums to explain why such options are added and to give a warning against taking too much stock into datamined information. Simply put, adding customization options makes it easier on Blizzard’s end to add more flavor and make the world feel more alive. Wowhead is able to add those to the model viewer to have fun with, but just because there are options doesn’t means it’s indicative of becoming an Allied Race. Thin Human options were datamined and added to the model viewer, but Blizzard flat out said they won’t be playable options.

Still, the dance is pretty cute.

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