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WoWMay 27, 2019 4:00 pm CT

Blizzard hints that an we may return to Argus in a future expansion

argus in azeroth sky

There’s a lot to parse through in this VentureBeat interview with J. Allen Brack, but this is the part that caught my eye:

There’s always all these could-haves, should-haves. Should we have made Argus its own expansion at some point in the future? That’ll be always with us. Obviously we chose not to do that and that ended up being pretty good, but certainly we were thinking about it. We’ll continue to think about it and continue to experiment.

What, exactly, does he mean by we’ll continue to think about it? Does he mean that they’ll think about the concept of when something should be an expansion of its own vs. a patch, or does he mean specifically that they’ll think about doing a full expansion on Argus?

We’ve seen three zones on Argus already. Would an Argus expansion involve going back to those zones the way Warlords of Draenor gave us different versions of classic Burning Crusade areas? Or would it be more like how we’ve seen the Arathi Highlands and Darkshore get new iterations in Battle for Azeroth? You’d expect more than three zones for a whole expansion, of course, but new Argus zones aren’t beyond the realm of possibility — there’s a whole planet to explore when it comes to Argus.

But is Brack actually talking about Argus?

I’m not at all sure Blizzard is thinking about Argus specifically in the example up there, but I really hope they are. I would love it if they do take us back to the planet and explore it more in depth, because we didn’t exactly leave it in great shape.

Sargeras may be imprisoned and Antorus raided, but the planet was rife with demons and has been on the edge of the Twisting Nether for tens of thousands of years. we didn’t do much at all to help the native Broken cleanse the planet. It’s likely still infested with demons and even the native flora and fauna have been through an unthinkable nightmare that weeded out all but the absolutely strongest — and likely tainted the survivors with Fel in the bargain. Legion war machines litter the planet’s surface, hosts of demons are likely now squabbling over who’s in charge without Sargeras there to impose order. With both Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde gone (assuming neither of them has managed to return) there are likely a whole host of Pit Lords, Eredar Warlocks and other powerful demons squabbling for control.

And what of Argus itself? The world-soul of the planet was summoned into the Seat of the Pantheon and seemingly destroyed by the heroes of Azeroth before Sargeras himself was imprisoned there, but was that its death? Was it already so tainted by the Legion that there was no saving it?

And if it is dead, what happens to Argus with a dead world soul? What of those who still cling to life on the world? It might be possible to re-task the Antorus facility to collect the remnants of Argus and help rebirth the nascent Titan, or at least stabilize Argus the planet so that some hope for the Broken and other life could be found.

Plus, during Legion we saw that the Legion had portals to several other worlds it was invading. With Sargeras gone and Antorus disrupted, what happened to those planets? Do they now host cut-off Legion forces who are conquering and setting up little demon nations of their own? The idea that the loss of Sargeras means that the Legion stops being a threat ignores that now, instead of one demonic force united in purpose, we have countless demons each out for themselves.

There’s definitely a lot that could be done in an Argus expansion, and I’m hoping we get one someday.

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