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HearthstoneMay 28, 2019 6:00 pm CT

How to make enough gold to buy the new Hearthstone single-player mode

The Dalaran Heist single-player mode in Hearthstone is well underway. But while the first chapter was free, the next four chapters — each of which come with a new part of Dalaran to conquer and two new henchmen to play — will cost you. Each chapter costs 700g, or you can purchase the entire adventure for $19.99 in real money.

But if you don’t want to spend, how can you make the 2800g needed to purchase the whole thing? Well, I’m glad you asked. There are two ways to reliably make gold in Hearthstone: completing quests and winning games. (If you’re wondering about Arena, while some players can make a profit from playing Arena, many will not.)

So if you’re interested in trying out the latest single-player adventure, here’s how to earn the gold to do it.

Do your daily quests

Every day, you’ll get a new quest and you can store up to three quests in your log.  Quests come in a two varieties: victory and participation.

Just win, baby

Many quests require you to win with some condition, and they typically reward 50 gold each. Here are some examples:

  • “2 Victories!” requires you to win two games with any class.
  • “[Class] Victory” quests require you to win two games with a specific class, or with one of two specific classes.
  • “[Class] Dominance” quests require three victories, but increase the gold reward from 50g to 60g.
  • “Total Dominance” requires you to win five games in any mode (including Arena or Tavern Brawl) and awards a snazzy 100g.

And while it isn’t a quest, there’s a one-time achievement for winning 100 games and 1000 games. Both of these award 300g.

Sleeping on piles of WoW gold.

Some quests reward easy participation

Many other quests do not require you to win a game, and can be far easier to complete. Again, most of these award 50g, but some quests will have higher requirements reward 60g to 100g.

  • “Are We There Yeti?” requires you to take 20 turns. That’s it. Hit end turn 20 times, you get 50g. “Time Warp Again” increases the number of turns to 30 and rewards 60g.
  • “Draw!” requires you to draw 20 cards, not to duel Etch-a-Sketch. “Full Northshire” increases card requirement to 30 and awards 60g.
  • “Shadow and Light” requires you to play 20 Priest cards, and there are similar quests for each class. To knock these off fast, you can make a specific deck and cram it full of nothing but class cards to knock out the quest fast.
  • “For Azeroth!” requires you to play 20 Battlecry minions for 50g and “Cry Havoc” requires you to play 50 Battlecry minions for 100g. Here again, there’s nothing wrong with an all-Battlecry deck. Your goal is to complete the quest and get the gold.
  • “Murlocalypse” requires is to play 50 Murlocs for 100g. A Shaman deck is your best bet to complete this one.

These aren’t the only quests, but they all follow the same pattern: perform a task, earn gold.

Get Brawling

From Wednesday to Monday, you’ll also have a chance to get “Everybody! Get in here!” which awards 60g for winning three Tavern Brawls. Be sure you have an open spot in your quest log — you won’t get a new quest if you already have three in your log — for the chance to get this.

Many Brawls provide you with a deck so the size of your collection doesn’t matter — but even so, they can include a lot of randomness, which can make them frustrating. If you keep queuing, the RNG will fall your way at some point.

Big money, no whammies

“Play a Friend” awards a nice 80g. To complete it, you have to play a friend on your friend’s list. It doesn’t matter who wins, you both get 80g. If you need a friend to play, feel free to add me at TedtheThird#1626, and ping @Honorshammer on Twitter when you have the quest.

Reroll your quests

When you receive a new quest, it will have a ⟳ in the corner. This lets you reroll the quest and get a new one, and you can only do it once per day.

If you received a victory quest, you can reroll it to see if you can get one that doesn’t require wins, or you can reroll your 50g quests in hopes of getting a 60g, 80g, or even 100g quest. But the odds are you’ll get another 50g quest. If you’ve gotten a 50g quest you are confident you can complete, I’d stick with it and try your luck with the RNG another day.

Victory is yours

The last way to reliably make gold in Hearthstone is by winning games. You get 10g for every three wins, up to a maximum of 100g per day.

This is somewhat passive gold you’ll earn from playing the game, but there are ways to earn it faster. Playing aggressive, fast decks lets you play more games in the same amount of time — meaning more chances to achieve victory. Some times, there’s nothing a slower deck can do when a fast deck gets a good opening hand.

Brawls are another great way to farm wins. The unique ruleset to certain Brawls can lead to them being “solved” to a certain extent and players finding decks which are hard to beat. Soon after the Brawl releases, check Reddit for strategies and decklists for the latest Brawl. The earlier you do this the better: many players will try to experiment themselves, wasting time while you could be winning. Instead, use the collective knowledge of the hive mind — I mean the internet — to play a powerful deck right off.

How long will take?

Completing your daily quest every day will give you a minimum of 350g per week — more if you get some 60/80/100g quests. Combined with some wins, you’ll push your weekly income closer to 500g per week with playing just enough to complete your daily quests. With some dedicated grinding, you could push this closer to 700g per week and open up a new wing of the Dalaran Heist each week.

Once you’ve opened up all the wings, you’ll receive Zayle, Shadow Cloak, a Legendary card in the vein of Whizbang the Wonderful. At the start of the game, Zayle replaces your deck with one of five decks from the Rise of Shadows expansion. You don’t have to beat the adventure to get Zayle: simply open all the wings.

But should you? Despite the recent hotfixes, I still find the developers missed the mark on difficulty with Dalaran Heist. Normal is too easy, but Heroic is too hard, much like the early days of Rumble Runs. The difference was Rumble Runs didn’t require a separate purchase decision.

Fortunately, the first wing is free, so you can try before you buy. If you don’t like it, you can use your newly-acquired gold-making skills to buy card packs, instead.

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