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WoWJul 11, 2019 10:00 am CT

How to find Sticky Seaweed in Nazjatar for the Requisition dailies

The Requisition dailies are their own special brand of annoying, what with phasing starfish and limited spawns, but the Sticky Seaweed has been a particular point of frustration.

Sticky Seaweed is one of the requirements for the various Requisition dailies, whether it’s just collecting a single specimen to go along with gathering one of every resource for Requisition: We Need It All, or trying to find five for Requisition: More Seaweed. Blizzard hotfixed the Requisition quests to add objectives on the map and also hotfixed in more plentiful Seaweed spawns — both help with the Requisition quests, but they’re still annoying to do. Luckily we have ways to make them a little less annoying.

First of all, it helps when you go to the right spot. The most plentiful area for Sticky Seaweed is at the southern end of Nazjatar, below Newhome and Mezzamere, located around the Spears of Azshara. This is where a lot of Naga are gathered and where the water elemental World Quest is. The patches of Sticky Seaweed can be hard to find because they either blend in with the ground, are obscured by surrounding grass, or are hiding under rocks or water. When you do find one, you’ll notice it looks like a tangled patch of kelp on the ground.

These aren’t a simple “click and go” collection like the other resources — anyone who spent time on the farm in Mists of Pandaria will remember the weed mechanics. Sticky Seaweed works by clicking the highlighted patch on the ground to grab a vine, and running away from it until the vine breaks.

Now, the obstacle that many players face: simply finding the patches of seaweed to collect them. You might have a difficult time if there are a lot of players around, due to the fact that the seaweed can only be collected by one person — whoever clicks on the patch and breaks the vine first. However, there are methods that drastically help with that, as suggested by the helpful Wowhead commenters.

Tricks to getting Sticky Seaweed more easily

A basic targeting macro is the simplest way. You can spam it as you’re running around, and it will target any seaweed patches in range. You’ll need to have target icons turned on on your minimap to see where you’re targeting. The macro is especially useful because it will find the unfortunate clumps that are hiding under rocks and foliage or at the bottom of pools.

/tar Sticky Seaweed

You can also add raid markers by adding a script to the macro. It will automatically mark the clumps with a raid icon to make them easier to see. Just change the number to change the marker (currently set for the skull).

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,8)

One studious commenter posted the coordinates of every single seaweed spawn location. They won’t all be up, but it lets you know exactly where patches will be. If you have an addon like Paste, you can paste all the coordinates in to create waypoints for the spawns in TomTom.

These particular methods are useful because the Sticky Seaweed is unique in that it can be targeted. Unfortunately the other Requisition resource items cannot. Your best bet if you’re having trouble finding any of those is looking each one up on Wowhead and looking for the coordinate lists in the comments.

Since the only reason anyone would do these quests is to earn more rep to acquire the ability to fly a little faster, be sure to visit our guide to maximizing your reputation gains in Nazjatar and Mechagon. The faster you earn rep, the less you have to trudge around collecting sea trash.

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