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WoW ClassicAug 8, 2019 4:04 pm CT

The best leveling addons for WoW Classic

One of the biggest achievements in WoW Classic is hitting the level 60 cap. It takes tons of hours and perseverance to actually level your character all the way to the max level — and that’s before you even think about doing a 40-player raid. Thankfully, the upcoming game will allow you to use addons from the start. Here’s the best leveling addons that we could find as we near the game’s release.

While we’re probably never going to see Quest Helper again, we can still find many alternatives. Most prominent is MonkeyQuest. This addon will not only track your quests with their level ranges on the side of your screen, but it will give you the quest text on mouseover. You can combine that with Questie which adds icons to your map for the quests you currently have. Alliance players can also pick up AllyRoute which directs you down a specific leveling route to save you time. For everyone else, there’s TourGuide.

Field Guide helps you plan out what spells your class can learn as you level up. Remember that in the original game you had to purchase the next rank of spells at a class trainer for every level you earn. This addon shows all of the spells you can get so you know whether or not to take a break from doing quests to purchase spells. This will not only save time but help you pick and choose what spells are actually that useful.

It might seem odd, but FasterLooting could prove to be significant while you’re leveling too. This addon helps you instantly loot enemies that you’ve slain. Looting can really put a dent in your time leveling, especially if you find yourself killing several mobs in one area. This tiny addon will save you some time.

Quest XP Tracker is for the math-minded of you. This addon simply tells you how much experience you’ll earn for each quest that you pick up. There’s a litany of quests in the original game that aren’t really worth the experience they give you. With this addon, you’ll be able to decide whether or not it’s worth traveling across the continent for 90 XP.

If you combine most of these addons, you should rocket through the one to 60 leveling experience. Just be sure to keep an eye out on the individual links just in case they get updated ahead of the game’s launch.

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