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The QueueAug 9, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Oh, Rossi’s gonna have a tough time tomorrow.

Joshistory, I hope you never know how right you were when you left that comment.

Anyway, no amount of synapsid talk is gonna get me out of this one so it’s best I just take a deep breath, embrace the inevitable, and get started on today’s Queue.


Q4tMatt: What’s the sexiest dinosaur?

What, exactly, do you mean by ‘sexiest’ because that word gets used for a lot of different meanings. If you’re asking which dinosaur I find the most sexually attractive, then I’m singularly unqualified to answer that, as I find myself not sexually attracted to dinosaurs, or even to birds, their modern kinfolk.

If you mean which dinosaurs had the most sexually active lives, that one’s really had to answer. A lot of dinosaurs had secondary characteristics like frills, sails, horns, head trumpets (no, seriously, Parasaurolophus and others had giant nasal chambers that could produce a wide variety of sounds) and more that might have been used to compete for mates. We know that modern birds have a huge variety of display dances and other mate-attracting behaviors and it’s likely their non-avian cousins did so as well.

The sheer volume of dinosaur egg fossils definitely implies that dinosaurs were doing it all the freaking time, but since it’s extremely rare to get a dinosaur fossil with its fleshy bits preserved and we have as yet no real idea of what their genitals looked like, we really don’t know how they were getting freaky, another impediment in our quest to understand which dinosaurs were the ‘sexiest’ in that regard.

If you just mean which dinosaur was the coolest or most popular, since I’ve seen ‘sexiest’ used to mean that, well, I’m always going to be fond of the big theropods like Giganotosaurus or of course Tyrannosaurus, but I’m also exceedingly fond of Eoraptor. But the fact is, I love talking about just about any dinosaur and I really love discovering a new one I don’t know much about, so my idea of coolest dino changes as soon as another dinosaur gets brought up.

I hope this answer helps you.


Q4Rossi: I know Barbarians are the best, but for D4 if you had to create a class based on the given lore…what would it be? Or would you just want D4 to have access to all classes of the previous games?

Honestly, I’ve written about this in the past, and usually my answer has been Just let us play everyone because i think it would be fun if you could play the original Diablo classes alongside the Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 classes. I’d love to be a fly on the wall of a Diablo 4 design meeting figuring out how to make Warriors distinctive from Barbarians and Paladins and Crusaders, all of which kind of occupy the same basic space.

But if I had to design a class Diablo has never had, it would be Bards, and my version of the Bard would be similar to how they’re presented in the old Dark Sun game setting — skulkers, masters of poison, propaganda and perception. Spies, diplomats, subtle assassins who can kill you in a wide variety of ways, from physically to professionally. (Not that different from how  Dragon Age did it, if you’ve never heard of Dark Sun.)


Q4Rossi: Which Warrior should I level up first Gnome, Night Elf, Orc or Nightborne?

They’re all pretty great, but I’d say Gnome. It just feels like we’re on the cusp of Gnomes getting their due, you know? But really, any of those options would be great — there’s so much variety with Mag’har Orcs that you can do great things with them.


Rossi, I asked Liz a question about Calia Menethil a couple days ago, and she said that I should ask it again to you or Anne, since you guys would probably have a better answer. So here goes.

Q4Rossi: what do you think Calia Menethil’s role in the story will be?

1) related to the Forsaken or not? Does she become their leader? Does she try to?
2) or will she lead an Alliance faction of Undead?
3) or will she have nothing to do with the playable races?

Calia is an interesting subject because while she is undead now, she’s not Forsaken — her undeath is not powered by the same magics that hold most of the Scourge-derived undead shackled in rotting corpses. You’ll note that Sylvanas only learned how to make undead like Nathanos from the Val’kyr, who themselves are born from the Lich King somehow reverse-engineering the powerful Undead state of the Val’kyr created originally by Odin and later by Helya.

That in and of itself is a significant feat and it’s notable that it was only after Arthas became the Lich King that he managed it. When the Lich King was primarily Ner’zhul, he did not have Val’kyr servants.

Calia reminds me a great deal of Eyir, who is clearly blazing with the Holy Light as well. So what does that mean for Calia, who gained her undead state as well as her suffusion with the Light by the hand of a Naaru? It’s hard to say.

As to whether or not Calia will become leader of the Forsaken, or perhaps of a splinter faction of Light-touched undead, I honestly couldn’t tell you. Both possibilities exist, but it’s hard to imagine Calia as the leader of the Forsaken if they remain in the Horde and the Horde and Alliance remain hostile to one another — she has too many ties to the Alliance and to Anduin and Jaina for that to make sense.

I definitely think we’ll see more of Calia in either Patch 8.3 or the next expansion.


Is there an Alliance split coming up? The Horde has a strong divide now. Should we expect to see something similar in the Alliance soon?

I definitely expect tensions to ratchet up, especially if any sort of rapprochement is reached with the Horde that doesn’t address the massive, widespread destruction of an entire Alliance city and the surrounding starting zone. I mean, at this point the Worgen have been driven out of two homes and the Night Elves saw many of their people burned alive. The idea that either would be okay with anything that didn’t adequately revenge them upon the people responsible seems hopelessly naive.

I mean, sure, they might be willing to work with the Horde against a full scale Old God eruption, because if everyone ends up dead then it really doesn’t matter, but once that’s dealt with? I can’t imagine the Night Elves ever forgiving the Horde. There’s just no way around it. Especially not now that Tyrande has become the Night Warrior and put Maiev in a position of authority.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, of course. But it does feel like some really big tensions are going to break across the Alliance if Anduin and Jaina decide to try and make peace with the Horde, unless the Horde itself turns on the Forsaken or serves up Sylvanas to them.

Okay, that’s the Queue, y’all. I’m sorry that it wasn’t a particularly sexy one.

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