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WoWSep 26, 2019 3:00 pm CT

How to get the Alliance bee mount Honeyback Harvester

If you’re an Alliance player and you want to ride a gigantic bee as a mount, then you’ll want to prepare yourself to grab the Honeyback Harvester. This buzzing mount is available on the patch 8.2.5, so these steps should help you get it now that it’s finally live.

The prerequisite for this quest is something that can be done right now in the live game. You have to own the Bumbles or Seabreeze Bumbelee pet to start the quest toward the Honeyback Harvester. The Seabreeze Bumblebee can be purchased from Sister Lilyana in Stormsong Valley once you’re Revered with Storm’s Wake, or on the Auction House. And Bumbles requires you to complete a small questline that ends in a week-long daily quest to get it.

To do all of that, you have to finish the Mildenhall Meadery quest chain located in southeastern Stormsong Valley. You simply talk to Ancel Mildenhall and accept the quest Mayhem at Mildenhall Meadery and finish it through to Back to the Lab. Once you’re done with that, you have to farm a bunch of different bee- and honey-type enemies until you get the Annealed Honey Amulet. The amulet takes you to Rosaline Mildenhall in Boralus who sets you up with the Bumbles the Bee quest.

From there you’ll get a daily quest called Let’s Bee Friends where you have to gather eight Vial of Honey Slime, turn them into a formula, and feed them to Bumbles the bee. This step will take you seven completions before you get your Bumbles companion pet.

Now we can finally start working toward the Honeyback Harvester mount. Pluck Bumbles from your pocket and take him to Barry the Beekeeper near the Mildenhall Meadery flight master. When you approach him, he’ll tell you about a nearby hive that you can find by following pheromones. You’ll follow these glowing green patches of ground until you reach the Honeyback Hivemother. Barry will help you from being stung by having you find Thin Jelly, (it’s by the lake a bit down the hill from the bee cave) and giving it to the Hivemother. She won’t be happy, but with some dance and talking, Barry convinces her.

Inside will be a nascent harvester that you can feed Thin Jelly that you find on the ground throughout Stormsong Valley. Each Thin Jelly rewards you with seven reputation to the Honeyback Hive. You can endlessly gather Thin Jelly, but it’s probably a better decision to grab a bucket of it and cash it in to the Honeyback Hivemother. She sells Rich Jelly and Royal Jelly for Thin Jelly, and they both end up giving you more total reputation than you would have earned with the same amount of Thin Jelly.

The goal is to raise your baby bee to “Mature”. You don’t need to become Exalted with the Honeyback Hive.

To get more chances at jelly and further your reputation every day, you should find and kill Honey Smasher for 500 reputation. Also, Scattered around the map (marked as a star) are Honeyback Harvester mini events. Once you find one, you have to fight through waves of enemies until a Fresh Jelly Deposit spawns. Those deposits can drop two of the three new butterfly Battle Pets.

You can grab a few extra items along the way at Friendly and Honored that will give you a Flight Master’s Whistle equivalent for the hive, and a way to increase your mount speed in Stormsong Valley. There’s also the Beeholder’s Goggles and the Butterfly Net that cost 100 Thin Jelly.

Once your nascent harvest reaches “Mature”, you’ll get a questline that ends with Leaving the Hive. Once finished, you’ll be rewarded with the Honeyback Harveter’s Harness.

It’s a pretty straight forward series of quests that shouldn’t take you too long to complete. Thankfully, you can go and work on it at any time without having to worry about anything being on a timer. Just bee careful out there and you should get this mount in no time.

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