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WoWOct 22, 2019 5:00 pm CT

Everything you need to know about Black Temple Timewalking

illidan black temple, old model

Burning Crusade Timewalking has returned, and with it comes your chance to raid Black Temple more or less as it was during Burning Crusade. The raid is available during the entire event and will require a premade group to complete, which means you won’t be able to do it in LFR but you can definitely do it in a PUG. Black Temple contains the same loot from the level 70 version but scaled up to 385 item level with the chance to Titanforge or Warforge.

Ready to get raiding? Here’s what you need to know.

Black Temple Timewalking basics

mother shahraz black temple

Finding (and joining) a Black Temple raid

There’s no dungeon finder or LFR to get into a Black Temple group. To get started for Timewalking raids, find or make a raid group for the instance. You can find groups under the Premade Groups tab of the group finder in the Legacy Raids section. Black Temple Timewalking is a flex raid and you can take between 10 and 30 people.

To enter the raid, the raid leader will go to Shattrath where Vormu is standing right next to the Timewalking vendor, Cupri. Vormu has a quest and a dialogue option to queue up for the raid. Make sure you get the quest from Vormu or have someone share it. It requires killing Illidan and will reward 500 Timewarped Badges.

supremus black temple

Black Temple 101

The devs wanted the raid to be consistent with the original version but slightly more forgiving as it’s only around for a week at a time, so they tuned it similar to Normal mode raids and kept most of the original mechanics. If you raided level 70 Black Temple back in the day, the Timewalking raid should be very similar to the original version.

But if you hadn’t or have forgotten, you’ll want to look at the encounters before you zone in:

Once your group is in, you start in the sewers and head up toward the first boss where you’ll encounter High Warlord Naj’entus. After you defeat him, you make your way out and into the Illidari training courtyard. Supremus guards the actual entrance to the temple and you must kill him before entering the temple proper. When you make your way inside the temple, the Shade of Akama and Teron Gorefiend are waiting at opposite ends of the Sanctuary of Shadows. From then on you go to Gurtogg Bloodboil, who opens the way upstairs.

Toward the back is the Reliquary of Souls, where you fight the Essences of Suffering, Desire, and Anger. The door to the rest of the temple opens and now you start climbing the heights to the top. Mother Shahraz is waiting in another outdoor courtyard after going through the Den of Mortal Delights. After you defeat her, you head back inside to find the Illidari Council as the last line of defense before Illidan. Once they are dispatched, head up the stairs to find Illidan waiting for you at the summit. Are you prepared?

Raid rewards

Of course, half the fun of doing raids is getting that phat loot. Black temple Timewalking contains the same loot as its original incarnation, which is great for transmog or item collectors. All the pets from the level 70 Black Temple also drop in the Timewalking raid, which are all part of the meta achievement for K’ute.

If the RNG gods favor you, you can pick up these goodies:

Transmog highlights

There are many transmog items available from Black Temple, both the level 70 and Timewalking versions. The Timewalking raid contains all the items from the level 70 version as well as new items for Death Knights, Demon Hunters, and Monks.

Happy raiding, everyone!

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