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WoWOct 22, 2019 4:00 pm CT

New dubloon loot boxes coming in patch 8.3 will help you get the Island Expedition mount you’ve wanted all expansion

Island Expeditions have gone through a few changes over the course of Battle for AzerothBlizzard has had a hard time figuring out the best way for us to get our shiny rewards from Islands. First, you had to target specific creatures on the island to get a chance at their loot. This condition was never really as clear as it could’ve been and conflicted with the win condition being filling the ship as fast as possible. So in patch 8.1, Blizzard changed them up to have a chance to award any loot from the creatures that showed up on the island. Now in patch 8.3, we’re getting another quality of life bump to the rewards from islands that will be sure to make collectors happy.

Introducing The High Seas “Salvage” Experts. These new vendors will be found next to the current dubloon vendors and will sell you a variety of loot boxes. So if you’ve already bought your Albatross mount, you’ll have something to spend those dubloons on.


These vendors will sell a variety of loot crates based on the denizens of specific islands. If you buy that Skittering Hollow Salvage box for 175 dubloons it’ll have items that could drop from Troggs, Kobolds, or Nerubians. Limiting the rewards to just three factions makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to get your hands on the loot you want. From opening a few boxes on the public test realm I was getting three rewards per box opened. The selection of loot boxes will cycle every week, giving you extra time to amass an even bigger pile of dubloons for when the one you want shows up.

There are a lot of possible drops per island still so don’t expect to pull the Island Thunderscale or Squawks the green Macaw on your first try. Don’t despair though if you’ve been lucky enough to get a mount already, there seems to be some built-in protection so that you won’t get a duplicate mount. As for the rest treat it just like winning an Expedition — you’ll get random transmog and pets not affected by anything you’ve already gotten. I hope you’ve got plenty of room in your bags for your seventh pair of Frostwind Bracers.

If you need a refresher on what exactly each faction can drop there’s a handy guide over on Wowhead. Hopefully when these go live the market gets flooded with the last pieces of the transmog I need so that I can focus entirely on getting the mounts. There’s still no word on whether we’re going to be getting any new islands or enemies for the existing islands in patch 8.3, but I’d love to see more content come to the Expeditions.

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