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The QueueNov 25, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Convoluted bronze

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Is Nozdormu in the Shadowlands? I mean, technically he’s still alive, but we killed him at some point in the future, but that hasn’t happened yet, except that it has, except for the timelines that it hasn’t, including the one in which we’re currently residing. So maybe not. Maybe so? My head hurts.

I think I’m beginning to understand why so many people were after Chromie. It wasn’t because she’d done anything, they were just trying to rid themselves of the bronze-colored migraines they’d been plagued with. Right, on to your questions!


Didn’t that Safe Haven cinematic show that Rogue’s Stealth ability is basically magic, since they literally turn invisible/visible?

Sooooort of — those weren’t just Rogues, they were Forsaken, and they weren’t just Forsaken, they were Night Elf Forsaken, or at least the one that Saurfang unmasked had what appeared to be the standard Night Elf tattoo markings. What does all that mean? Well, it means they were turned fairly recently, and with Sylvanas wielding all that power, they might have more magic than the average Rogue.

Mind you, they did still make the standard Rogue falling out of stealth noise, so hey, it could be magic too. I don’t think that Stealth has ever really been defined as an ability. It could be magic, or it could just be some really, really good subterfuge. One of those things where your mind doesn’t register a thing is there until it appears, that sort of thing.

I wouldn’t call it magic though, because silencing a Rogue doesn’t mean they can’t Vanish. Silencing a Rogue doesn’t really do much of anything.


Lore QftQ: Did the titans create the Emerald Dream and the Shadowlands? If so, were they created at the same time?

All signs point to no. If the Titans created the Shadowlands, then why would Helya have to find a way to grant Odyn access to them? As for the Emerald Dream, Chronicle doesn’t outright state that Freya made the place, just that some believe she did so, while others believe the Emerald Dream had always been around. I suspect, given the cosmology chart in Chronicle, that both places existed before the Titans did — the Titans didn’t create them at all. They may have found a means to access them, but I don’t believe they created those realms wholesale.

This then poses an interesting question — will we see any Titans in the Shadowlands? Any Titanforged? Do their souls naturally go to the Shadowlands, or have Helya and Odyn usurped that entire process completely?

I have to say I’m really looking forward to this expansion. So many questions waiting to be answered!


Has Blizzard said anything about profession streamlining to go along with the level squish?

No, but they’ve essentially done that already anyway with the change to professions to group them by expansion rather than putting them in one giant pile. You can pick and choose what parts you want to level, and you’ll never really be “behind.” This makes it doubly convenient for those leveling through one expansion in particular — you can just choose to learn all Burning Crusade related recipes and level your profession that way while you’re leveling your character in Outland, for example.

We almost could’ve seen that revision as a sign that the leveling changes were coming, if we’d thought about it. It feels like the profession revamp will work ideally with the new leveling situation, you know?


Q4tQ: Do you think Nathanos writes poetry for Sylvanas? Do you think he shows it to her? And do you think it’s any good?

He doesn’t really seem the type to write poetry, does he? I don’t expect he was that type even while he was alive. And Sylvanas doesn’t really seem the type to enjoy poetry, or soppy professions of true love. I feel like she’s more about acts of service than she is gifts or words of affirmation. I feel like Nathanos is probably the same, maybe with a little quality time thrown in for good measure.

And that’s how we started talking about love language among the undead. Today’s a weird day.


Q4tQ: Does a server being “high” or “full” affect access or game play or whatever? My wife is on Thrall, which is a “full” server”, and I’m planning to move my team of characters to that server so we can play together — we’re finally getting a second computer! I’m not seeing anything online that indicates a “full” server prevents you from playing or whatever.

Not exactly, but it does indicate that there are a lot of people playing on that server, and you might run into a queue when you try to log in. Busy areas might experience more lag than on lower population realms. WoW won’t prevent you from making or transferring a character to that server, the indicator is more of a warning, kind of a “Hey, this server has a gigantic amount of people on it and maybe you might want to go somewhere else” heads up is all. If you try and create a new character on a full server, it’ll pop up a window that will tell you the same.

But if you’re all right with the occasional queue and potential lag, feel free to transfer away! You won’t be locked out of anything.


Q4tQ: How is transmog farming going to work in Shadowlands? With the level squish, players would be only +10 levels higher than the “previous content” at max level.

It’s going to work exactly the same way — or rather, it’s going to feel the same. They didn’t get into specifics, but at BlizzCon they did say that all players will still be able to go back and solo old raids and clear old content just like they’d always been able to do. The numbers may be different, but the performance should be the same. No worries, you’ll still be able to get all your pretty pretty outfits! (And trust me, had they said or implied otherwise I’d be the first person in line protesting about it!)

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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