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The QueueNov 26, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Any day is a good day for cake!

I mean, need I say more? Let’s Queue.


Q4TQ: how was your birthday, Anna? Did anything fun?

The Mr. took me to Wicked at the Fox last weekend, and we also had a fairly schmancy lunch at a vegan restaurant he chose for me. I’ve been a vegetarian for a super long time and love musical theater while he… doesn’t on either count, so it was really touching that he planned out something special for me knowing he might be lowkey miserable. Luckily for him he actually enjoyed himself, and he’s been recommending the restaurant to nearly everyone he’s talked to since so he may not have been fibbing about liking it. We both thought the mechanical Oz head was freaking terrifying though.

I also went out with the kids today and we got a whole bunch of mini bundt cakes in different flavors, because cake. And y’all got me just what I always wanted: softball Queue questions! All in all, 37 is looking better than 36 already.


Q4tQ: What’s your take on the Brutosaur Fiasco?

I just don’t get it, honestly.

Most of the arguments I’ve seen have revolved around the WoW Token price, which, maybe. Selling more stuff is always a motivation for something like that, and there are always the people with the liquid cash hanging out to buy something like that who may be spurred to pull the trigger on it when they know it’s going away. I’m not sure I buy that as a motivation wholesale though, because then why not do the same for any of the other past gold sink mounts? Tokens were a thing in Legion, and I know there were a couple pricey mounts that expansion.

I do wonder about its potential as an overall economy balancer, but I’m really not all that versed in macroeconomics. I will say that ever since they added the WoW Token I’ve been ridiculously stingy with my available gold, because now it translates into actual cold, hard cash. The Brutosaur is technically the same price as a whole Xbox, and even if I had the scratch in make-believe money there’s no way I could justify that purchase, in much the same way I wouldn’t go buy an Xbox on a whim.

Basically, I get why people are mad and/or confused as to why they’re taking it away but I don’t have any answers.


Back in Vanilla, having a mount was a big deal; you would save money for weeks/months until you could afford one, and when you did, it felt awesome.

Same deal with flying mounts in BC, to a lesser extent.

Q4TQ: what would you introduce to the game to be the new carrot on a stick that actually improves your play experience a lot once you earn it? Something that would cost a crapton of gold (or effort), that you’d want to grind for weeks/months, but that became a complete game changer once you got it?

Player housing? A new garrison, with improved functionalities? Something else?

I have wanted Player Housing since I saw that one huge random portal in the Canals between the Trade District and Old Town. I thought we were getting something like it with the Garrison, but that was focused almost entirely on utility, and not on my desire to sit there and place random doodads that fit my aesthetic just so. If I spend time arranging supplies in The Long Dark, do you know how long I’d spend futzing with things in a place where I’m relatively sure wolves won’t bite off my face?

I don’t think they’ll let us actually control placement for a number of reasons, mostly because I know what y’all wrote with gunpowder in that Warlords of Draenor unlock sequence, don’t even. However, we could start out with a tiny tent-house with just a bed and table, with a handful of options for both. Then we could unlock a slightly larger house, still one room, with a hearth you can set your hearthstone to, a table and chairs — and you’d be sent on a quest to get a snazzy table covering for it from somebody in your capital city, or else told of the legend of a dungeon-dweller who has a thing for placemats or something.

It would be like transmog, but for your house. Much like transmog, if you really wanted those diaphanous Blood Elf tapestries, you’d only need to run Black Temple, but if you wanted to change your aesthetic you’d have to farm something else. I would definitely have some form of trophies similar to how Archaeology worked in Draenor too, with maybe one big one out front. I want to see some of my battle pets wandering around too.

I don’t think it would be a game changer per se… honestly I’d rather it didn’t. I just want to have my own little house I can decorate how I want, display my trophies, maybe have a friend for tea.


Q4tQ: Did you take the kids to see Frozen 2? Did they like it?

The Mr. took our daughter while I stayed home with our son, who may or may not have been swapped at birth with a feral raccoon who absolutely would not be able to resist climbing under the seats. They both had red Icees to celebrate, and came home with red tongues. They enjoyed the movie — “everything Olaf did” was her favorite part.

That’s right, this saint of a man endured two whole musicals in the space of a week — and enjoyed them both.


QFTQ: Has there been any information released on how reputation will work in Shadowlands (is it the same vs changing)? For instance, will we still start with the core alliance/horde factions listed even if we choose to level through a different expac? Will we retain the boosts from MoP? They’re very specific questions I realise, but grinding reputation is my primary end game experience and I’m particularly curious given the level squish.

We don’t really have any info about reps yet, but I don’t think they’ll change them in functionally meaningful ways, for the most part. The reason why is flying.

So here’s the thing. I was a wee bit negligent in keeping up with playing the main game during Warlords of Draenor because I was so busy with pets, and as such I still need to get out into Tanaan Jungle and grind all those reps. With the new change to leveling, but without a change to how Pathfinder and the flying reward works, there is absolutely no way on god’s green earth you could get me to choose Draenor for my 10-50 experience. Even beyond the fact that nearly every other expansion was more fun (not you, Cataclysm) the choice between flying and doing Legion and not flying and doing Draenor isn’t even a choice.

If they don’t change Pathfinder, there’s no way they screw with reps all that much. If they do, it may be streamlined in the same way as the leveling experience — maybe the Shado-Pan rewards Ebon Blade rep too, for instance. But I kinda doubt it.


Q4Anna’s Q: With your known love of Battle Pets, does that translate to a love of Pokemon? Are you or do you plan to play Sword and/or Shield?

Ironically, no. I never had a Nintendo DS growing up and don’t have a Switch now, so the only Pokemon game I’ve ever played is Pokemon Go which isn’t all that fun because I have to drive places to spin stops. I have a feeling the people on my Friends list are constantly judging me because all my Gifts are from either Starbucks (because my grocery store is right next to one) or weird churches because I live outside Atlanta. I did watch the cartoon a bit but it didn’t really grab me, and lots of the other anime which hit American airwaves at the same time really did.

I do love it when games in general have companion animals in them, and I played Neopets up until the middle of college, but not having access to those handhelds means I just didn’t play Pokemon.


Q4tQ: What do you think will happen with the Ulduar Herald of the Titans achievement with the level squish?

I suspect it’ll be removed, although I suppose they could make the new level requirement 50, but it’s one of those things that has survived for so long that it seems like a shame for it to go. It has survived 2 ilevel squishes. I almost hope that it does survive as like a fighter from the past kinda.

Same. I suspect it’ll get the axe. They may attempt to balance it around level 50 and keep it around, but I find it kinda unlikely. It’s already a Feat of Strength so all they’ll have to do is turn the ability to earn it off. However, it’s just one fight, and other than rounding up a bare handful of other people at level 80 it’s not nearly the accomplishment it once was to do it.


I have no idea how tall either you are […]

I’m 5’2″. Essentially a teacup human.


Q4tQ: What are your plans for Black Friday? Are you going to line up at 4am for deals? #OptOutside? Sleep late and watch football

Wake me when it’s Cyber Monday.

In specific, I’m waiting on the Elgato streaming gear to go on sale. $30 off a CamLink is just what I’ve been waiting on to turn the DSLR I already have into a webcam, though I have a couple other things I need to get to make it viable for streaming (If You Give an Anna a Nice Camera…). I’ve got my eyes peeled for a racing/Truck Sim wheel, and I usually watch a couple deal aggregate and review sites to see what I can score for cheap while still wearing my jammies and drinking coffee.

I’m nothing if not lazy.

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