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The QueueDec 2, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A chilly reception

Welcome back to The Queue, our daily Q&A feature for all of Blizzard’s games! Have a question for the Blizzard Watch staff? Leave it in the comments!

Raise your hands if you saw the above image and immediately had “Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic beTraAaaAayYss YOU” play in your head. No? Just me then? Well now you have it in your head, you’re welcome. Let’s get to your questions!


Seriously how do you switch main? My main has all the pathfinders, all the reps, all the toys. Having reputations being account-wide would solve this problem at least in part.

Having to re-grind reputation is kind of an issue, but it’s not really so bad later on in an expansion — usually by now the restrictions have been eased somewhat. But when it comes to switching a main, that’s definitely one of the factors you want to look at. Sure, as far as reputation count goes it’s all account wide, but if you want to purchase some rep-only items…well, you’re going to be grinding again.

But the rest isn’t that bad. Pathfinder is account-wide, so if you’ve earned it on one character, you won’t need to earn it on a new one. The Toybox is also account-wide, so you really won’t need to go hunt down any toys again. And mounts and Battle Pets are all account-wide too, and you’ve got the Wardrobe for any cool pieces of transmog you’ve earned.

Really, what it all boils down to is this: Just how attached are you to your main character? Some people are really attached to the character they choose to play, while others can flip at the drop of a hat because the character holds very little meaning in the long run. I’m firmly in the former category — while I have alts that are max level, my main is the same main I’ve had since Burning Crusade. I’ve taken breaks from the character, but I always go back to them.


I’m pretty sure I’ve read somewhere that when the orcs first arrived in Kalimdor, the reason why Thrall decided to settle in Durotar, and build Orgrimmar in a barren land, was to atone for the sins committed by them while under the influence of the Burning Legion.

Q4TQ: is that correct, or am I misremembering?

I’m not sure where you got that impression — if it was said anywhere, I don’t think it was by Thrall. When Thrall led the Orcs to Kalimdor, Durotar was where they landed. It seemed as good a place as any to make a settlement, and Thrall named the land after his father, and the capital after his friend and mentor.

Keep in mind, Thrall wasn’t there for any of what happened on Draenor. He was born on Azeroth, and what little he heard of the Old Horde was told in stories. He didn’t really know about any of the details until after Orgrimmar was already established. Rise of the Horde tells the story, but each chapter is framed by Thrall writing down the tale for future generations. At the end of the book, he’s informed that the Draenei have come to Azeroth, which places the book, and his writing of the tale, at Burning Crusade.

So no, he wouldn’t have founded Durotar for that reason — he didn’t even know what the Old Horde really was at the point it was first founded.


Q4tQ: with legendaries transmoggable in 8.3, are you going to do any transmog with them that wouldn’t normally be possible? I realized today that my warrior has both of Illidan’s old warglaives, which are technically swords, so if my mage goes back to using a 1H weapon and an offhand, I could have her use a warglaive. Mostly because it’d be funny.

This is where I politely mention once again that even though I have all applicable legendaries for a Rogue, I will only be able to transmog one set, because I’m an Assassination Rogue. As such, I can only use daggers, and the powers that be at Blizzard decided the only thing I could transmog on top of a dagger was a dagger, making the whole announcement about legendary transmog leave a particularly bitter taste in my mouth.

This is also where I hope one of Blizzard’s developers happens to be reading this, and will maybe do something about this development. I find it marvelously unfair that a mage could in all seriousness transmog a Warglaive because it’s a one-handed sword, and yet my Rogue — you know, the class that earned the item in the first place — cannot do the same.

Come on guys. The weapon restriction is ridiculous. Assassination and Subtlety Rogues have been sitting here with the short end of the stick ever since transmog was announced. Can you give us a break here? Please?


Q4tQ: Do we reckon The Maw will be optional endgame content? I’m not the most skilled player so the difficulty level worries me, and I’m hoping it won’t be part of the Shadowlands Pathfinder or anything like that. I’d rather not go there and get my bum whooped!

The Maw is basically Shadowlands’ version of Suramar — that’s your max level area. Having said that, I think it could pretty much be considered a guarantee that Pathfinder will require at least exploring it in some capacity. I wouldn’t be too worried though, you just have to be careful. Don’t die, because dying is what will make things more difficult. Don’t pull more than you can handle. Use your CC if you need to. Grab a friend to tackle the place if you think it’s going to be super difficult. I don’t think it’s really going to be that bad, it just lacks a rest area with an inn where you’d normally be “safe.”


If you could hang out with one lore figure, who & why?

Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh Medivh

…was that too enthusiastic?

Look, I find the character utterly fascinating. He was robbed of his formative years due to the nature of his conception. He didn’t ask for Sargeras’ spirit, it just showed up. When he hit maturity, he basically detonated, killed his own father, and went into a coma. He didn’t wake up from that coma until he was already a fully-grown man.

That kind of event changes a person. I always found it interesting that Sargeras basically did to Khadgar what he did to Medivh — robbed him of his youth in its entirety. While Khadgar was quite dramatically sapped of it, Medivh just…went to sleep one age, and woke up another. It’s like the movie Big, only less trampolines and incredibly questionable love stories, and more…you know, unleashing rampaging Orcs on the world because of the fel Titan in your head.

I like to think that the reason Medivh has that massive library in Karazhan isn’t just because he likes books, but it’s because this is a man who is desperately trying to learn everything he missed while he was sleeping. All the powers in the world, none of the knowledge to go with it. He’s a fascinating character.


What was Sindragosa’s story before she was killed?

Sindragosa was basically the consort of Malygos — she was his beloved and all that. When Neltharion turned on the Dragon Aspects during the War of the Ancients, Sindragosa went to battle alongside Malygos. Unfortunately, Neltharion had the Dragon Soul in his clutches, and used it to blast the attacking dragons.

That attack pretty much decimated the entirety of the Blue Dragonflight. The dragons you see now? They weren’t alive back then. They don’t remember that encounter, because so few of those in that encounter lived to see the end of it. Sindragosa was one of those few that lived…barely.

She was blinded, she was near death, and she was desperately trying to reach the Dragonblight — the place all dragons instinctively go when they’re going to die. But she got lost somewhere along the way, and instead ended up in Icecrown. There, she fell, and used the last of her energy to try and call out to Malygos, but only icy winds answered her. And that’s where she perished — freezing, alone, and keenly aware that she would not find her rest in the Dragonblight after all.

It’s not a happy story. Sindragosa’s last moments were of bitter reflection and hatred — for Neltharion, for the Legion, for Malygos, and for the world of mortals itself.

That’s it for today’s Queue — if you have any questions you’d like to see answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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