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The QueueDec 13, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Forced stealth and subjective opinion

People have this real tendency to assume that they way they feel about something is universal. Suramar is just one example. I see it held forth as this masterpiece, and I’m glad you enjoyed it, but no, it wasn’t universally beloved and Blizzard knows this. They can’t just keep doing zones like Suramar or people will quit the game. They have a very difficult task of always trying to deliver new experiences — sometimes those experiences can draw upon previous ones, but they can’t just be those again.

Especially Suramar. Some of us really hated it. I honestly, gleefully moved to the Broken Shore because there I could just kill things.

That doesn’t make you wrong for liking it, but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong for not enjoying it. I’d be fine with them making Suramar style content again, as long as it was something I could skip entirely. I very deliberately avoid stealth in WoW. Making me engage in it made me blisteringly angry.


Why in this day and age would anyone choose to not regularly brush their teeth. The guy who picks up our shredding every month just left, and I swear it was like 5 minutes after he left before I was able to stop smelling his rotten breath.


Without knowing if you asked the person if they did, in fact, brush their teeth, I can’t really answer your question. People have various reasons for their behaviors.  However, as GinaC pointed out to you, some people have bad breath for reasons that do not involve tooth brushing, flossing or even mouthwash in any way. Oral infections, dry mouth, even certain medications can cause it.

Similarly, he might not be able to engage in regular oral hygiene due to a recent surgery, or an untreated dental condition he can’t afford to get fixed.

If it’s that important you could ask him, keeping in mind he may be pretty sensitive about it if it’s a chronic condition he can’t get fixed for an unknown reason.


Million dollar Idea: Capcom vs Warcraft fighting game.
I’m not just saying this because I want to see Lunara / Azshara / Alexstrasza done by the art team that did SFV.
Please have the team that did SFV do the art for Lunara, Azshara, and Alexstrasza.

Capcom already has Marvel vs. Capcom, SNK vs. Capcom,Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars, and Street Fighter vs. Tekken. I mean, seriously, do we need another Capcom vs. fighting game series? And more importantly, does Blizzard really need Capcom to do a fighting game?

I mean, seriously, there’s enough characters in Heroes of the Stormjust go make that cabinet game we see in Overwatch and call it a day.

As for designs for the characters, I mean, UDON did a World of Warcraft tribute book, and those guys have done some awesome Street Fighter art. It would be cool if Blizzard went around to various designers who’ve worked on iconic fighting franchises and had them design specific characters — Toshiyuki Kamei is credited on Street Fighter X Tekken as a Designer and Street Fighter V, for example, as Art Director. So sure, it would be cool to see what he could do with some iconic Warcraft characters. But Blizzard also has some insanely talented artists working for them, and I wouldn’t want to deprive them of the chance to make, as an example, an Anduin Lothar design for this.

I say this like it’s going to happen. Now I’m a little sad.


I’d love to see the Horde take over lordaeron and the surrounding areas and actually have a PRESENCE there. So much good farmland. They wouldn’t need the “resources” of ashenvale.

I want to see architecture that’s a beautiful amalgam of all horde races. Basically, a cataclysm-level revamp of the world, where lordaeron is horde through-and-through.

I wouldn’t mind durotar being abandoned and taken over by night elves/draenei.

Honestly, I just want it all to be over.

I’m tired of the “We want peace/BLOOD AND GLORY AWAIT US/Okay, we’re over it, we want peace/LOK’TAR OGAR” cycle, where the Horde as an organization hulks out and blows up an Alliance city and then calms down and oopsie, did we do that and Thrall and Jaina go up on a hill and talk about how things will be different this time. So sure, fix Tirisfal. There are a lot of Druids and Shaman in the Horde.

Imagine if the Horde actually helped heal Darkshore and Ashenvale and Azshara and moved out, left them to the Night Elves. Would it fix everything? No. The dead are still dead. You can’t murder thousands of noncombatants and just wave it away — just like the Allies couldn’t just wave away the destruction of Dresden. You have to work to rebuild what you destroyed, and even then, some people are never going to forgive you. You still have to make the effort, though.

I don’t hate the Horde, and I don’t hate Horde players. I’m just tired of this whole cycle. Let’s tell a story where people on both factions get together and work out how to live without constantly murdering each other. If that means turning Tirisfal into the Horde’s breadbasket? Cool, do it.


I shopped this wolverine_longing_for_a_wolverine.jpg this morning but it went mostly unnoticed

I didn’t include the picture because it’s big, but here’s the original comment if you want to look at it.

Instead, let’s talk about Gulo gulo, the wolverine, one of the coolest animals and one that’s sadly under-represented in World of Warcraft. The wolverine is the largest of the land-dwelling mustelids, and it ranges across the boreal regions of North America, Europe and Asia, with two main subspecies, Gulo gulo gulo in Eurasia and Gulo gulo luscus in North America.

They’re extremely well adapted to cold and icy terrain, with claws that make them extraordinary mountain climbers. Hunting and trapping has thinned down their range, especially in the southern extremes of it, but they’re still hanging on in the far north.

Also, seriously, they’re cute as all heck. They’re not the growling, snarling, always attacking monsters of folklore, they’re just animals out looking for a meal. They have cute little babies as most animals do, they take time to trust and have plenty of reason not to.

I’d love to see wolverines pop up in World of Warcraft. They are super amazing. Gulo gulo is such an underrated creature, it needs love.


Q4tQ: do you have a type of transmog that you think peaked at a specific time in WoW?

For me, it’s goggles. My main is an engineer and usually wears goggles, but they’re always the BC/WotLK model. That model hits the sweet spot for me between ‘mechanized cool’ and ‘actually functional’. Later goggles, starting with Cata, have way too many gears and toggles and random stuff stuck on them, and I just can’t get into that.

Okay, so I’m not really loving transmog this expansion, with the exception of Warfront outfits which I did love — got my Night Elf the full Nelf one, thought it looked keen. But the fact is, my absolutely favorite transmog comes from Legion, and it’s not even a tier set, it’s a bunch of World Quest rewards that I simply loved the look of.

I just really love this mog. It holds together extremely well, the colors are a nice mix of gold and black/brown, it’s got nice detail and I like the green fel accents. I really enjoy it, and nothing in Battle for Azeroth has really eclipsed it, I end up using it a lot. It goes well with the Artifact 2h weapons for Warriors and various drops from Warlords like the axe in the screenshot.

I don’t know that I would say that it peaked with this look, but it’s my favorite and the one I use the most often.

Okay, so, that’s the Queue for this week. Between saying I didn’t enjoy Suramar and saying I’m tired of the Horde doing a Bruce Banner impression every other expansion I’m sure the comments will be lively — please try and remember to actually ask Anne a few questions in between telling me how I’m wrong about everything ever? It would be most appreciated.

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