The Queue: Polearms

One of the things I don’t like about playing a Night Elf Warrior is how they hold 2h weapons. They tend to hold axes, swords and maces up in front of themselves in a somewhat awkward grip that obscures the face. It’s really bad on a lady Night Elf.

But they don’t do this with polearms.

I’m always going to love Ashkandi best, but I’m indulging in the polearm animations on my Warrior right now, especially since I have a whole host of polearm skins I rarely get to use. The Ulduar ones in particular (the one pictured is Lotrafen if you’re curious) really go well with my current look.

Let’s talk about stuff.

The Queue: Pretend I’m in Witcher cosplay

Never actually played that game, mind you. But I watch a lot of Man at Arms and they made the Witcher swords on that show, so I went out and got Destiny since it was going for cheap. I had Witchfury in my collection, but not Destiny, because I never could get that sword to drop. Back in Vanilla, Destiny was one of the swords that you saw on people who were DPS Warriors or Paladins before they’d get into MC or start PvPing heavily for the weapons. I went from the Barbarous Blade to the Arcanite Champion (sword spec ruled back then) and finally picked up my Sulfuras, but I never had Destiny. (I also never got Ashkandi back then, either… it took me six years.)

Yes, this has been ‘Matt natters on about transmog again’ and hopefully you’re used to that by now. I don’t have a PS4 and I can’t get one (or a Switch, for that matter) so you’re stuck with me talking about WoW for a while.