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The Queue: It’s surprisingly hard to find green tinted plate armor

I’m currently wearing a mix of the DK PVP gear from Mists of Pandaria and the Death Knight Deathlord set from Legion to match with my sword. The Deathlord set isn’t as green as I would like. But it’s fairly green and it goes well with the PVP gear and the sword. It’s my Unholy set, since I find myself running Mythics as DPS a lot more often than as a tank — we have a pretty dedicated tank in my guild so when I tank it tends to be in PuG’s.

And yes, I really do need a red transmog for when I’m tanking and a green one for Unholy. If I was using Frost much (I’d try it, but I don’t have weapons for it) I’d have a blue transmog for it. This is really important, okay? No, no, it’s silly, I know that.

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