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The Queue: Forced stealth and subjective opinion

People have this real tendency to assume that they way they feel about something is universal. Suramar is just one example. I see it held forth as this masterpiece, and I’m glad you enjoyed it, but no, it wasn’t universally beloved and Blizzard knows this. They can’t just keep doing zones like Suramar or people will quit the game. They have a very difficult task of always trying to deliver new experiences — sometimes those experiences can draw upon previous ones, but they can’t just be those again.

Especially Suramar. Some of us really hated it. I honestly, gleefully moved to the Broken Shore because there I could just kill things.

That doesn’t make you wrong for liking it, but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong for not enjoying it. I’d be fine with them making Suramar style content again, as long as it was something I could skip entirely. I very deliberately avoid stealth in WoW. Making me engage in it made me blisteringly angry.

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