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The QueueJan 17, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Befriending rats

Yeah, my new best friend is a rat, what’s it to you?


Q4TQ: now that Mechagnomes are playable and they don’t get to show gloves, bracers or boots on their character models at all, under any circumstance… do you think that sets a precedent for “crazier” playable character models, such as Naga or Sethrak?

I’ve always thought that Naga would be a relatively easy addition, at least insofar as armor. You just skip the armor on the lower half. It seems less complicated than Mechagnomes, with their mechanical arms and legs. (Transmog is a little awkward, which is of course my top priority.)

I like to think that this one exception could lead to another, and I think in the long run it’s story that will win out. Is there a reason to add Naga at the moment? Not really. So I don’t see them joining the game any time soon.


Q4TQ: Had allied races already been a thing back in MoP, would they have given us Jinyu and Hozen?

I absolutely think that if there were Allied Races back in Mists, we would have gotten Jinyu and Hozen. This story model — a race of allies for the Alliance and a race of allies for the Horde, which we must build trust with — has become a staple with Allied Races these days.

It feels a little late to go back and add them now, though.


Q4tQ: Do you think that when we get playable Tol’vir, that the Hunters will get the Suntouched Falcons as their starting pet?

That seems like a pretty big assumption, Kal. So I’ll make my own big assumption and say… sure!

What’s a Suntouched Falcon again?


Q4TQ: What is quicker to level: allied race monk or allied race DK?

I may be biased, but all things equal, I feel pretty confident about Monk here… though it will depend on your playtime.

The Monk XP buff — which you can pick up once per day at Peak of Serenity — gives you +50% XP for one hour. This buff stacks, so if you don’t have time to play today, you can still log on and add another hour of +50% XP and then log off again. No matter how you play, that +50% XP adds up, but you get the most benefit if you only play when you have the buff — either jumping on for an hour a day or letting the buff stack up for when you have a burst of playtime.

Death Knights have a big head start, and if you just want to sit down and play straight through to 120 without stopping, that head start will give you more than the Monk XP buff.

So pick your playstyle.


Rewatching the Anduin and Wrathion scene, when they are strolling along on the balcony overlooking the lake, do you think Deathwing’s jaw was still strung up there as a trophy?

I wonder if that wasn’t the point. It felt like Wrathion was (maybe) leading that stroll, and what more impactful way to punctuate my father died than by strolling past a trophy of his jaw?

Wrathion doesn’t seem to hold any malice towards his father’s killers. He blames the Old Gods for corrupting him, not the heroes of Azeroth for destroying him. And walking past that trophy without anger (or even response) is a very strong statement of that.

He is only here to fight the Old Gods — he has no interest in falling prey to the same influences or holding old grudges because of them. Perhaps the walk was an intentional message. But perhaps it’s a coincidence, only obvious to us as we nitpick every frame of the scene after the fact.


QFTQ: How do *you* (You specifically, not players in general) approach a playstyle in MMOs that you have never played before? For example, if you were a PvEer and decided to try PvP?

I tend to dive in, get totally lost, and then desperately Google my way to understanding.

I like to try to go into things fresh, without preconceptions. But then I want to know everything. I want to be less confused. I want to play better. So I dig around and find whatever I can to make that happen.

This is hard in WoW because I’m right in the middle of everything, but I still try. (Which is to say that I still have not figured out even half of the intricacies of Assaults, Horrific Visions, and that cloak whose name I can’t spell.)

Gaming is complicated, people. But some of the fun is letting those complications find you first.

Okay, my friends, that’s all for now. Have a lovely Friday and enjoy your weekend.

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