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The QueueMar 11, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: But that’s just your opinion, man

Something I try very hard to keep in mind is that, whatever I feel, whatever I truly believe and hold as such, there will always be those who disagree. When it comes to items of subjectivity — items of taste, items of art, items of personal enjoyment — when there are only so many objective facts to guide us, we must be willing to realize that what we think is just what we think.

What I’m saying is, the expansion you loved? Someone else hated it. The raid you loved, the dungeon you loved, the gearing system you loved was someone else’s worst moment ever. That story moment you hold forth as a triumph made someone else quit playing in disgust.

This is the Queue. Let’s share some opinions.

I love the “Must have bows, not guns” question. I have a friend who hates any form of technology introduced in a fantasy MMO (meanwhile I’m over like give me MCH in FFXIV, and praying all those hints of a Tinkerer class in WoW pay off one day), is there a substantial population of people who feels the same way?

Bows are a form of technology. They are an extremely effective means to hurl miniature spears at great speed and at extraordinary range, and have been very effective in human warfare for literally thousands of years. Massed armies using chariots and archers decided the fact of empires as far back as the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC.

I think it’s very interesting that we view guns as ‘technology’ and something we couldn’t use magic to make better, but bows are perfectly acceptable to us, and we never stop to think about how bows are basically a drastic game changer in terms of warfare and human society. Before the bow, we used atlatl spear throwers, and we even used them alongside bows for a great long time. There were slings, javelins, and amentum leather straps used to give throwing spears a rifle-like spin when thrown. It’s all technology.

To answer your question, yes, absolutely there are people who dislike seeing guns and other ‘technology’ in their fantasy, while not getting terribly upset by seeing things like chariots or longswords even though those are both very advanced technological improvements on earlier designs. I mean, the technology needed to construct plate armor? It’s fairly advanced.

Heck, if you really wanted to avoid technology in a fantasy game, you’d have to play completely naked people who only used rocks as weapons, and the second they decided to bash two rocks together to make a sharper edge on one of the rocks, they’re making tools and thus it’s technology.


For the altoholic types, wouldn’t bringing eight toons into the Shadowlands make more sense? Two for each zone, one each faction. Gets all the transmog gathering covered that way.

(Look, I’m not being unreasonable. I’m not suggesting one of each armour class in each zone, and the same with the other faction.)

Man, I can barely keep three alts going and you want me to play eight.


Q4tQ: what do you think of when picture the queue writers as DnD characters? I envision Rossi as a dwarf wizard, and his wife as a half-giant with red hair, and they’ve got a Luke and Yoda harness setup going.
He puts a few levels in Cleric, to be pocket heals, and also have wizard levels to spam Bull’s Strength and Haste.

I am significantly larger than my wife.

I never understand why y’all keep trying to make me a Dwarf. I’m over six feet. And my Scottish accent is terrible.

As for my wife, I think she’d be a Ranger or Sorceress, or maybe a Warlock with a Fey pact of some kind.


Q4TQ: do you think Blizzard was waiting until LFR was out to release more Shadowlands info? Do you think we’re getting it soon™?

I hope so, it’s kind of my job to want them to do big Shadowlands info dumps so I can write articles talking about it all.


I need someone up on Critical Role to freak out with, you guys. I love that Hubby lives it to but he is not a good freak out partner.

Did you see that clutch Counterspell? HOLY CRAP.

I’m trying hard not to spoil it for people not watching until later, but I definitely had a few freakout moments watching the game.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. We’re doing a D&D podcast this weekend, maybe come hang out when we stream it. And hey, if we decided to do some one shots, what would y’all be interested in seeing? Joe’s bandied about doing Shadowrun.

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