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Discussion > WoWApr 16, 2020 8:00 am CT

What dead or defeated character do you NOT want to see return to WoW?

In pretty much any story that isn’t 100% grounded in reality, there’s always a chance a dead character comes back in one form or another. Sometimes it’s for a very brief moment — a flashback, a hallucination, whatever — and sometimes it’s just an outright return of a character that had previously died. This is especially true of fantasy or comic-book settings, where there’s almost nothing stopping a character from returning if the writers decide they want that character back. And with something like the Shadowlands finally appearing in World of Warcraft, the return of characters we’ve defeated before is a guarantee.

But sometimes, that’s not always a good thing. Sometimes, characters receive a perfectly good ending to their story and bringing them back only serves to make that originally perfect ending feel more hollow. Recently, Taliesin and Evitel interviewed Lead Narrative Designer Steve Danuser, and the question of Arthas returning came up. Now, Danuser didn’t give an outright yes or no answer, but he did talk about how Arthas was an important figure in Warcraft history and the team wanted to do right by him. Basically, if Arthas were to come back, they don’t want it to feel cheap — which I completely agree with! I don’t want to see a character reappear just because we’re in the Shadowlands and Blizz can make an easy excuse to bring them back.

That said, I’m still nervous at the idea of Arthas returning, even if it’s done “right.” I’ll go so far as to say I don’t want Arthas to return to the game. Let his story rest. Thinking about Arthas even potentially returning got me wondering what other characters I would NOT like to see return to the game. Tirion is definitely at the top of that list, though that’s more because I’ve never been a big fan of his character. I’d say Varian is on there but to a slightly lesser degree. He got his heroic ending, and Anduin dealing with that loss is part of his character development. Varian returning runs the risk of lessening that growth (although there are admittedly ways to make it work).

How about you, though? What character that’s died or been defeated do you not want to see return to the game? Is it because you’re worried about what Blizz might do to their story, or do you have a different reason? Sound off below!

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