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The QueueMay 6, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I was born for this day

Door explodes outward in a shower of splinters as deranged man throws himself through it, landing on the floor in a heap.

Did someone say pet themed Queue?

Armed men attempt to halt the original man, but he explodes in a whirlwind of shocking violence, an almost operatic display of raw, primordial destruction utilizing a T-Rex jaw clamped around a ridiculously outsized sword with a large eye in the hilt.

My three cats, Aurora, Sasquatch and Puck and my dog Marrina are all named after characters from the Canadian superhero team Alpha Flight. Pictured above is Marrina, my dog, named for Marrina Smallwood, the aquatic alien member of the team.

This is Aurora, named for Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, one of the team’s two mutant speedsters.


Hi Rossi, so there are a lot of enemies we fought that died in Classic/Post-Cata WoW. I was doing Duskshire again and just defeated the necromancer Morbent Fel (again). Without spoiling anything, what are the chances we will see many of these less-known but prominent enemies in Shadowlands again?

I can say that I have not seen him yet. At least I don’t think I have — there’s an unidentified soul in Revendreth who could be him, but he’s just an unrepentant spirit when you meet him and there’s no name attached. But I actually really hope he does show up, and not just him, either — I’d love to see, say, Darkmaster Gandling or Marez Cowl show up. That would be really cool.

This is my cat Sasquatch, named for Dr. Walter Langkowski, who gained his powers attempting to duplicate the gamma ray experiment that created the Hulk.


Does WoW have a storytelling problem, from the point of view of having the story being driven by its major faction leaders? Would it be better if there was a greater sense of player agency (and thus self insert i guess)?

Just how much the major faction leaders drive the story in WoW really depends on what you’re talking about — it’s arguable that Varian was, at best, a reactive rather than active presence, and while Garrosh Hellscream and Sylvanas have been essentially the antagonists at time, the last time a Warchief was a protagonist was just before Thrall quit the job.

Essentially, the player’s character is the protagonist of World of Warcraft, for good and for ill. There’s only so much the game can do to center the player while allowing for the same story to be playable by every player no matter how different that player’s choices are. I mean, just look at your own alts — if you played through all of WoW on an Orc Warlock and a Night Elf Hunter, you’re playing wildly different characters and the story has to be able to resolve that, which leads to a certain amount of blank slate. Your parents are never going to be in the game, for example.

Think of faction leaders in WoW like historical figures in Assassin’s Creed — Leonardo Da Vinci is an incredibly important historical figure, but he’s not the guy climbing walls and stabbing people in the throat with a hidden blade, that’s Ezio’s job. In WoW, you’re essentially Ezio.


Q4TQ: How far can a new cosmetic go before it becomes lore unfriendly. For the dark blood elves its not a stretch to imagine that they were around you just didn’t see them in game just like how greymane wall used to look less detailed before cataclysm too.

I saw what i initially assumed to be a mocked up model of a tall, buff panderan which i think was intended as a joke but when thinking about that i think that could actually work for similar reasons. The same for violet eyes on blood elves or perhaps even night elves if you want to make a mage seeped in the arcane. Hearthstone art for uther and jaina showed them with glowing blue eyes so under some situations humans can get some eye glow but would it be a move too far to have fel eyes or arcane eyes or some other kind of eye glow for them like blood elves have?

Nothing you’ve listed would break lore for me. Humans dabble with fel magic all the time, and we know that when the High Elves taught Humans the arcane arts they took to it fast. I’d be fine with a powerful Mage or Warlock getting an eye glow, no matter what race they were. Humans becoming Demon Hunters? I’d be okay with that. We’ve seen Orcs get all sorts of weird changes from Fel, why not Humans?

I feel like there’s an untapped well of changes that could absolutely happen in game.


Q4tQ: What are your current thoughts on the Necrolords in Shadowlands?
I’m seeing a lot of buzz about Venthyr and the Night Fae, and some about Kyrian but hardly anyone seem interested in joining the Necrolords – at least on their first run through the content.

No love for creating abominations?

I’m likely going Necrolord on my DK. It’s just had to get super excited for a group that we haven’t seen much about yet. My first exposure to the Necros so far in Bastion is as bad guys, I’m hoping we get to see a more interesting side of them when we get to their part of the story.

This is my lovely cat Puck, who is named after Eugene Judd, Alpha Flight’s acrobat and adventure junkie. She’s a sweetheart, and I take breaks in between writing to go out and let her lick my beard for a while.


What are the pieces of transmog from BfA we should try to get before the expansion ends? Bonus points for Warrior transmog for all three specs – my main is a warrior.

Are you specifically asking about Battle for Azeroth transmogs? If so, I’d argue that the various Warfront mogs are must-gets, as they’re extremely useful for faction themed transmogs. The Forsaken plate set in particular is an amazing transmog.

As for weapons,  the Plundered Blade of Ancient Kings is one of my favorites that you can get from Island Expeditions, and I love the Tearing Sawtooth Blade from Mechagon. Also, Tur’mar’s Greatsword from Nazjatar is a ridiculously nice sword, as is Voror, Gleaming Blade of the Stalwart. And for axes, Dream’s End from Eternal Palace is pretty cool.


Q4tQ: how do I fill the FF7-shaped void in my life once I finish the game?

Ponder that ending and what it means for the remake and how it might diverge from the original.


Isn’t Anduin already in an evil phase? I mean, he sucker punched a dragon.

I think even Wrathion knew he had that one coming. Plus it was more a straight up punch in the chops, he didn’t go in for a hug and then punch him.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’m pleased I got to talk about my little gang of Canadian pet superheroes. Thanks for the questions, btw. I appreciate it.

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