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HearthstoneMay 19, 2020 10:00 am CT

What are the strongest decks to play in Hearthstone right now?

Hearthstone’s patch 17.2.1 is now live, and with it, the nerfs and buffs have arrived! Classes that had been dominating the meta have been hit (except for one), while others that hadn’t been seeing much play have been extended a helping hand.

It’s time to take a look at what the meta might look like once the dust settles!

Aggressive decks

Budget Demon Hunter

Despite the nerfs, the playstyle for DHs hasn’t changed much. So instead of highlighting one of the same old decks that we have already seen, here’s something a little different: a budget version for those of you who haven’t been able to access the most expensive DH cards yet.

  • Deck code: AAECAea5AwL5rgPMugMOh7oDi7oDvbsD17sD4LwDjb0DusYDx8YD2cYD18gD98gD+cgD/sgDnMkDAA==
  • Strategy:
    • There are many variants of Demon Hunter decks out there, but the most successful ones are aggro and/or tempo oriented.
    • You want to outpace your opponent while relentlessly dealing damage to them at every opportunity.
  • Legendary: Altruis the Outcast
  • Crafting cost: 3,560 Dust

Murloc Shaman

Enrage Warrior

  • Deck code: AAECAQcC0gLerQMOFhyQA9QE1AjSpQP1qAPcqQPdrQOktgOrtgO7uQPAuQOcuwMA
  • Strategy:
    • Even though you are playing aggressive and hoping to finish off your opponent before they control you, you do NOT want to simply play any cards on curve.
    • Certain cards are very valuable and should be treated as combo pieces; especially Risky Skipper — which you always want to follow with some minion that benefits from taking damage, like Armorsmith or Bomb Wrangler.
    • Try to save one Inner Rage for when you play Grommash. That’s your twelve damage finisher.
    • WARNING: Keep in mind that this deck has a terrible time against Priest. That’s, by far, your worst match-up.
  • Legendaries (2): Ancharrr, Grommash Hellscream
  • Crafting cost: 7,000 Dust

Tempo / Midrange decks

Highlander Hunter

  • Deck code: AAECAR8etQPHA4cE4QSKB5cI2wn8owPkpAOmpQPypQOEpwOKrQOLrQOOrQP5rgP7rwP8rwP+rwOHsAPnsAP/sAOCsQOHsQORsQPYsgOvtwODuQOiuQP/ugMAAA==
  • Strategy:
    • This is a solid deck. It can deal with all kinds of opponents, since it has so many different tools. Your games won’t have as much variance as Highlander Hunter as they would with other archetypes.
    • You want to control the game, but in the end of the day, you’re still a Hunter — hitting face is in your blood. Remember to keep adding up that damage with your hero power if you can spare the mana.
    • In the end, cards like Zixor, Apex Predator and Dinotamer Brann are your usual finishers, bringing unexpected damage from “out of nowhere.”
  • Legendaries (6): Zephyrs the Great, Zixor, Apex Predator, Dragonbane, Veranus, Dinotamer Brann, Siamat, Dragonqueen Alexstrasza.
  • Crafting cost: 12,680 Dust

Libram Paladin

  • Deck code: AAECAZ8FBooHipoDtJsDiK4D7b4DhMEDDJwC3AP2B+KfA5CuA8q4A/24A+q5A+u5A+y5A8rBA7PEAwA=
  • Strategy:
    • Despite being midrange, this deck is late-game oriented. You want to keep buffing your minions and making valuable trades, like a midrange deck would do, but you also just want to survive to the endgame.
    • Abuse your healing effects, but be sparse with your board clears, since you don’t have many of them — they’re not supposed to be a strength of the Paladin class, after all.
    • Make sure you’re always drawing cards, so that you can actually get your Librams. They’re the key to your success.
  • Legendaries (2): Lady Liadrin, Maiev Shadowsong
  • Crafting cost: 6,100 Dust

Galakrond Secret Rogue

  • Deck code: AAECAaIHCLICiAeSlwPBrgPjtAPOuQPLwAP7xAMLtAGPlwP1pwO5rgP+rgOqrwPOrwOCsQPMuQPQuQO5vgMA
  • Strategy:
    • Tempo is key here. You want to make your opponent regret playing cards, because you will always be one step ahead.
    • Combine your secrets with Blackjack Stunner to return threats to your opponent’s hand.
    • If you can save at least one secret to play on the same turn as Shadowjeweler Hanar, you’re already generating a lot of value.
    • All the lackeys from your Invoke effects — as well as good Rush minions like Faceless Corruptor and Devoted Maniac — will ensure that you can keep ahead of the tempo game, and make it to the end of the game.
    • Try to save a lackey in your hand to play on the same turn as Heistbaron Togwaggle.
    • Don’t be afraid to summon your Edwin VanCleef just to force the opponent to spend resources to deal with him. He can be a very good finisher, but he can also simply buy you time.
  • Legendaries (6): Shadowjeweler Hanar, Edwin VanCleef, Flik Skyshiv, Heistbaron Togwaggle, Kronx Dragonhoof, Galakrond, the Nightmare
  • Crafting cost: 10,000 Dust

Galakrond Zoo Warlock

  • Deck code: AAECAf0GBIKlA+O0A8e2A/G/Aw0w9QWInQO1nwP6pAO9pgOdqQPorAPqrAP5rgP+rgOqrwPHuQMA
  • Strategy:
    • This is a twist on the Galakrond Zoo decks that have been seeing play in the past few weeks by mixing them with the power of lackeys.
    • The key to this deck is playing smart. You have multiple tools to generate more and more lackeys, and to give you favorable trades with their pings and rush effects, as well as protection from their taunts, and value from their discovered spells and dragons.
    • Magic Carpet is a Zoo staple these days; make good use of it by combining it with your lackeys and your other 1-cost minions.
    • Make smart trades, survive until the end game, and then finish off your opponent — either with big Galakrond-based threats, or simply by overwhelming them with your swarm of smaller minions.
  • Legendaries (4): Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, Galakrond, the Wretched, Grand Lackey Erkh, Kronx Dragonhoof
  • Crafting cost: 9,160 Dust

Combo / Control decks

Big Druid

There are many versions of Big Druid out there, some of which rely on a higher number of powerful legendary minions. This is a budget version that only uses two — which is a nice change of pace, since control decks are usually very expensive.

  • Deck code: AAECAZICBMUE4p8DiLAD7LoDDUD+AcQGl60DsK0D/a0DjK4D3q8D5LoD6LoD7boD7roD87sDAA==
  • Strategy:
    • This is a fun type of Druid archetype that seeks to ramp up in mana quickly, and summon big minions as soon as possible.
    • Breath of Dreams and Overgrowth are key cards to keep in your mulligan, and playing them is your top priority.
  • Legendaries (2): Frizz Kindleroost, Alexstrasza
  • Crafting cost: 5,240 Dust

Highlander Mage

Resurrect Priest

And there you go, folks. This is just an early look at which decks might be strong for the upcoming meta, but since the patch just came out today, remember to save your dust. Don’t go crafting anything yet; for now, try to play the decks you can already build!

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