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DiscussionJun 2, 2020 8:00 am CT

What rare drops are you hunting right now?

There are so many cool shiny mounts, pets, toys, and armor out there. Sometimes they’re as simple as getting exalted with a faction and buying it from a vendor, but for the majority, you’re looking at a little luck or even a lot of luck. What I’ve learned is that there is always something to hunt! 

Invincible stands out as something that I’ve made an effort to get for the longest, but it is helped by having been in the game longer than most of the other things I’ve hunted. I’ve given up a little on getting it, I’ll run Icecrown Citadel so infrequently now that it’ll be a miracle if I ever get that spooky horse. The mount that I’ve been putting the most work into each week trying to get is the Ironhoof Destroyer from Blackhand in Blackrock Foundry. I have a few characters now who’ll make the trek out to the Foundry. I only do it on ones that have unlocked the elevator up to the top though, because I don’t feel like tromping through all of the bosses anymore — especially the Blast Furnace. 

On the armor front, Island Expeditions have some really cool stuff but man it can be tough getting the exact pieces you need. Luckily most of them have gotten fairly cheap on the auction house, except for the really cool stuff. Lookin at you Druid of the Flame set and cloth top hat. Good luck completing the whole set of those without running a ton of islands, or dropping tens of thousands of gold on the auction house. But I will make my Vulpera look dapper in a nice top hat, even if it kills me!

What are you hunting? Are you still making the trip out to say hi to Prince Kael’thas to try and get your hands on the Ashes of A’lar? Have you run so many Island Expeditions that you could buy your own private island with all the dubloons you’ve gotten while you’re hunting one of the transmog sets or the rare mounts? Are you taking all of your characters to N’Zoth invasions trying to get K’uddly from The Forgotten? Let us know below!

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