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The QueueJun 9, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Tuesday Queuesday

You may be wondering why I’ve been emphasizing the day of the week in the Queue titles lately. It’s because time has no meaning and I’m pretty sure it was March last week.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions, and we stop looking at our calendars with furrowed brows for just long enough to answer.


Q4tQ: do you have a dungeon or raid boss that you take particular joy in beating?

Asking because I’ve been running the Cathedral of Eternal Night for transmog, where we find Thrashbite the Scornful and his “Books are for losers!” aggro line. As a writer, I enjoy stomping him down every single time. :P

Most of the old raids with a million simultaneous mechanics are like this for me. I’m not necessarily talking about fights like the Lich King, where there are mechanics but generally dealt with by much of the raid, or by obvious subsections of the raid (eg, ranged dps do this) when it was current content. I’m talking fights like Lady Vashj or the early stages of the Kael’thas fight, where there were several random discrete mechanics going on at the same time, many of which were dealt with by one or two people when it was current content. If you weren’t paying attention 100% of the time, oops you ran through AOE and died, or oops the person in charge of mechanic X got feared because the person in charge of mechanic Y took a slightly wonky path, let’s wipe and start it over.

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is at this point to just go stab them in the face and collect loot.


The next Lorewatch episode is about Thalryssa and Lor’themar! Don’t you wish you were a Patreon so you can hear all that juicy gossip before the unwashed masses do?

I am a Patron, but I’m pretty sure I read this one already on Ao3.


Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard should add Warhorns as an offhand weapon? And design offhand-specific abilities?

I hadn’t even considered this an option, but frick yeah.


So should we expect an alpha update at all this week?
I mean, presumably the postponed stream would have revealed some new stuff that was going live on the alpha shortly after and if they prepared a presentation maybe they’ll want to actually show it before it goes live.

We’ll probably see some kind of update to the alpha client. If nothing else I’d expect a graphics update with the Void Elf options, maybe some smoothing on the Blood Elf options they added last week.

My suspicion is that the panel thing Ion Hazzikostas was going to show us had a heavy emphasis on upcoming systems, because that tends to be his wheelhouse (as opposed to graphics or narrative). I don’t think we’ll be getting a patch with… whatever that was going to be… until after he does get to give that important context, even if it is ready — alpha-ready, at least.

Were I to make a wild guess, I’d say it has something to do with fleshing out the whole Covenants system. If you’ve been following Alpha stuff, each zone seems to have a somewhat abrupt end right now, and it’s in what’s pretty clearly designed to be a major hub for each Covenant. There are things like mission tables, training dummies, quartermasters who don’t give you anything, and a whole lot of empty-ish space just waiting for something. Though obviously Covenants are playing an important role, it seems like this will also be mixed into endgame systems in the same way as Class Halls or Garrisons were.

I could also be completely off and Ion’s going to announce that the first major bigbad we’re going to kill in the raid they’re about to let us playtest is Archmage Vargoth. Could go either way, honestly.


Does anyone know of an addon that you can trigger a start and end time and it tells you how much gold you make between those triggers?

Basically, Titanpanel has this feature that tells you how much gold you earned in a session. I’m hoping to get one that I can use to see exactly how much gold I make running a raid, including vendoring its spoils, without having to log out outside the instance and then back in to start a new sessino.

If you right click this particular TitanPanel widget (which is a base feature bundled with TitanPanel), you can reset a session manually without having to log in. The option is toward the bottom of the menu right clicking opens up.

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