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The QueueJul 20, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Queue Queue Queue!

I know that I can’t be the only one who makes little “pew pew pew” laser noises when I’m using my Essence of the Focusing Iris. It happens even more often when I’m on my Demon Hunter between the Essence, Eye Beam, and Fel Barrage. Lasers are fun!

While I’m recharging my lasers, I take you now to — The Queue (Queue Queue)


Should we be worried about the frucks (frog ducks) coming in Shadowlands? They seem suspicious… 

They do have a suspicious look about them, now that you mention it. What nefarious plots are they cooking up? Probably something about cornering the bread market. Or maybe they’re going to awaken a long-dormant A’qir hive to have more bugs to eat. We’re doomed!

Good thing that they’re so small and delicious looking. We’ll probably wind up eating them before they can accomplish anything. Frog legs with the mouth-watering flavor of duck? Sign me up!


Q4tQ Has the infodump this past week changed your theories of or plans for Shadowlands? 

Not really, I’m still firmly in the #VeryVenthyr camp for my Druid. But nothing short of giving every other Covenant free Brutosaurs is going to change that. Conduits seem like they could be interesting, especially with Ion saying that they’re not going to be destructible anymore, which was the biggest downside that I could see from the first announcement.

The biggest change to my plans is that I need to find a weekend to level a couple more characters before Shadowlands actually hits. Between the experience buff happening now and the changes to heirloom experience coming, it might go a little faster to have them ready beforehand. I’ve also got new transmogs to plan now that they’re saying we’ll all be able to use all of the Legion Artifacts that we’ve got unlocked without spec restrictions.


What is your favorite title to use on your characters? Do you tend to pick one and leave it or do you change often. 

I’m easily distracted by the new hotness titles as they come out. “Oh, I just unlocked Zel the Faceless One? See you in hell Servant of N’zoth!” I do like using the Alliance Slayer as a deterrent too. So if someone sees a Guardian Druid with that title out doing their world quests, maybe they’ll take a beat and not bother me. If I’m not using whatever shiny thing has wandered across my vision, the Class Hall titles are just instant classics. Who doesn’t want to be an Archdruid?

My other characters are more static though. My Fire Mage is Firelord, especially because of the alliteration on Firelord Firefox. My Demon Hunter is Zhelf the Darkener because she was able to get the Mythic Kil’jaeden kill way before the rest of my characters and earned it. Mythic Kil’jaeden is a rough fight even now, it turns out that we can’t really overpower being knocked off the edge of the platform — no matter how much Corruption we wear. Also, she has Darkness, so it just makes sense.


Will I become an influencer this week? 

It doesn’t look like you did last week. But there’s always this week! Just remember to wear your lucky socks, or make a deal with the Nameless Gods from the deep woods. Y’know, whichever’s easier.


Q4tQ: what’s the best luck you’ve ever had with a transmog run or something like that? Ever have a day where you somehow get a whole tier set in one run, or when every mount you’re going for somehow drops? 

Asking because I’ve run five different old raids over the past two days and not gotten a single thing I was trying for. >_< 

Is it possible to have anti-luck? Because I swear it feels like that sometimes. I was pretty much the last person to get the Jaina mount in my Jaina mount group, and I’ve been killing Blackhand a few times a week for a while now and still no luck there. I think overall I’ve mostly just gotten a piece or two a run. Nothing is leaping out to me of a big once in a lifetime score. Which just means that I’m due for one right? Next time I go to Antorus I’m sure that I’ll get both the mounts and the cool scythe transmog from Argus.

If I don’t — I’m blaming you.


Q4tQ What do we think the max level will be for trial/unsubbed accounts in Shadowlands? 10?

Probably! That’ll let you play the new Exile’s Reach starting area and get to the capital city of your faction. Or play the original starting area for your race, if you want to play an old favorite. That’s also what new Allied Races get started as on the beta right now. It would be cool if they kept it at twenty though, give you a chance to get out into the world a little before the free trial is up. Which could wind up being a pretty great hook, harder to put the game down if you get hooked doing one of the different expansions starting zones.


Blizzard really needs to allow us to blacklist specific battlegrounds again. 

Yes, yes they do. I would blacklist Temple of Kotmogu so quickly. If I never wound up there again I would be so happy. Losing on Kotmogu feels way worse than all of the other battlegrounds. Having the four different spawn points around the room just leads to one or two people trickling in and getting annihilated by the team controlling the middle — while you’re trying to get rest of them grouped up so you have a chance at taking the middle. Then, when you finally get a squad to push in at the same time, the enemy orb carriers are sitting pretty with their massive extra damage to tear you apart.

I’d also like to blacklist Ashran from the Epic Battleground category.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: Weird Science

Have a great week everybody! Make sure that you ask Anna lots of fun questions!

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