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The QueueJul 22, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Comfort food, but with gaming instead

There are games that I play because they are familiar and require no real thought. Games I’ve played and played and played and played. Mass Effect 2 and 3. All the Dragon Age games, especially 2 and InquisitionDiablo 3. Definitely Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. And while I love new games and can’t wait for a bunch of them to come out, right now, I’m very okay with my current dive into old friends as a means to cope with all the things happening in the world today.

This is the Queue.


Q4tQ: Where’s the “Stuff Going Away” blog that Ion promised us? I need an army of Twitterati to yell at Blizzard!

The podcast records on Tuesday. News never drops before we record the podcast. So it may be out the day you read this Queue.


QfRossi: I finished Crete in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (thanks for the suggestion last week) and I have to say the legendary axe Minotaur’s Labyrs is my favorite weapon in the game because its blades glow in combat. I also like the sleek look of the legendary hunter’s sword Pandora’s Kopis. Made me wonder what weapon in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is your favorite, since you’re all about the powerful looking swords in WoW.

Right now I’m rocking spears, since I got the spear from the Atlantis DLC that converts 50% of my Warrior damage to Assassin damage, which means I can stack Warrior damage and my Assassin damage (and thus, Hero Strike) hits like a freaking truck. Since I have added Spear damage on both my weapon slots and a lot of my gear slots, I end up with something around 200,000 Warrior Damage, which means most targets die in one or two hits and my Fury of the Bloodline ability also hits like a truck.

My Kassandra build is focused pretty exclusively on melee and Warrior damage, with the special ability from the Atlantis DLC armor that makes you immune to all physical damage for 15 seconds when you get hit by an attack combining well with my spear so that I can wreak a lot of damage up close or far away.

I also like Polyphemos Cyclops Bludgeon, even though it’s not a bludgeon (it’s clearly a polearm, which didn’t exist in ancient Greece — Precursors just don’t care) for the bonus damage to elites and bosses.

Q4tQ/Podcast: Do you have a race/class combination that works best as your “banking alt” from an rp perspective? Currently, mine is a gnome rogue.

I’m one of those players who just mails stuff to random alts, forgets I did it, and then is surprised when it all ends up back in my mailbox a month or two later. Anyways, my current ‘bank alt’ is a level 109 Draenei Warrior, and from an RP perspective she got burned out during Legion and parked her butt in Dalaran semi-permanently.


Q4tQ: does anyone use a standing desk? if so, what’s it like to game with one?

I game laying on my stomach, my computer setup is entirely on the floor. So I’m curious about the standing desk question.


After connecting my GOG account to my Epic account through the GOG launcher… I actually have a decent amount of good games in there now! It’s enough to make me consider launching it instead of Steam (every once in a while) when I want to play a PC game!

Their strategy seems to be a good one.

I have way, way more games on GoG than I do Steam. I basically ignore Steam and Steam sales. I only have KoA:Reckoning, Fallout 4, and Pillars of Eternity on Steam, while I’ve got Tyranny, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Temple of Elemental Evil, Neverwinter Nights, Neverwinter Night 2, Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Planescape Torment and a bunch of the Ultima games.

I’m not a partisan for either platform — it’s just game delivery vectors, if neither of them existed I’d just get the games directly — but it’s interesting to me how much more I use GoG than Steam.


Bugger. The plate island mogs are much cheaper on my off-realm, but my DK there is only level 70.

But a lot of the last few weapons I need are also 10s of 1000s of gold cheaper over there, but a DK can’t learn the mogs.

I could level a warrior, but that would be 100 levels and would take aaages. But… it would be cheaper in the long run than buying individual pieces at 10000g or 100,000g more than they are on my home realm.

Wish I had a level boost… But I guess I wanted more vulpera alts for mog hunting so this is just gonna be another one, I guess. Gives me “something to do” other than raids and timewalking this week, I suppose.

Ages? To level a Warrior? In this XP buff economy?

It’ll take you a week. if that. Slap some heirlooms on it now, it’ll be 60 in a afternoon.


Q4tQ: how much of a tier set, or otherwise matching equipment, do you feel that you need to transmog to it? I’ve realized that sometimes you don’t really need all of it, especially since you can make part of it invisible now. And some things are completely optional, like pants on most cloth sets.

The whole point of transmog for me is to have fun coming up with outfits. Sometimes, I mog to a complete set, but even when I do that, I usually don’t worry about bracers (because nine times out of ten you can’t even see the bracers) and I often mix and match pieces together. For example, my current fave look is a mix of Tier 10 and Tier 20 (the Titanic Onslaught set from Tomb of Sargeras) that works to match the colors.

The particular versions of Tier 10 and Tier 20 I’m using for this, I don’t have the complete sets — no bracers for either, and no belt for the Tier 20. But that doesn’t bother me, and a lot of the time I just mog to one or the other of those sets, or a bunch of other sets I don’t have bracers for like the Mythic Dragon Soul plate set. I mean, I’m all for completion, but why hold random loot chance against yourself?


Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all next week. Here’s that same set as above, but on a Night Elf lass.

We really need an option to get complete BP’s instead of plate belly shirts.

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