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The QueueAug 11, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Record scratch I bet you’re wondering how I got myself into this situation. Me, too.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we try to piece together the answers best we can.


QftQ: With the new starting zone, Exile’s Reach, do we know if any of the other instanced starting zones (for Pandas, Death Knights, or Demon Hunters) will be changed or even possibly removed?

Nope, they’re still intact.

With Pandaren, you can choose whether you want to go to Exile’s Reach or the Wandering Isle. The Demon Hunter I created went to… the Demon Hunter area? I forget what it’s called, because we went through a whole slew of doomed demon planets in Legion, but you get the gist. The Gnome Death Knight also had no choice and was dumped directly into the Death Knight experience, but oddly, it was the old one where you terrorize Scarlets and steal a pony, not the newer one where you basically just say ‘sup to Bolvar and roll your way to Orgrimmar. I created an Allied Race DK after that, and she went to the new one. Neither were offered the choice of Exile’s Reach.

I’m not sure whether that’s set in stone yet, but that’s the story for now.


The areas of the Shadowlands we visit seem like realms where souls are recruited into service BUT…there is no “realm of ‘eternal reward.’” No “heaven” or “Valhalla” if you will. But while rereading Before The Storm and Shadows Rising, both Wyll Benton and Zekhan visualize a “peaceful afterlife”. Is that just the wishful thinking of us poor Azerothian mortals, or is there evidence somewhere that such a realm actually EXISTS, either in the Shadowlands or elsewhere?

I see the Shadowlands as a place where souls will find their own eternal peace, which would differ greatly from person to person. I don’t think this is necessarily at odds with eternal reward.

The fluffy white clouds and blue skies of Bastion certainly hold a classic appeal, but if your Druid spent all their time roaming through the woods, those wide open vistas would feel lonely and boring. The glittery trees and adorable creatures of Ardenweald would almost seem like an affront to an Orc Warrior obsessed with conquest for the purposes of generating resources for their people — especially if they were involved in those Ashenvale logging operations. While that Warrior might feel at home in Maldraxxus, a Draenei Paladin probably would not. If your Undead Rogue did things they weren’t proud of, they may feel uneasy for the rest of their afterlife if they didn’t take the steps to redeem themselves in Revendreth. I’d guess Wyll’s end would be like Bastion and ZappyBoi’s would be like Ardenweald, but it’s tough to say.

They did imply that these four areas are just a few of the realms of the afterlife, so it’s possible we’ll see one in a later patch that looks like a still sea for the Kul Tirans, or a a more primal, less glittery forest where we’ll get to befriend dinosaurs.

There is an element of joining up and pitching in which is at odds with my personal idea of heaven — I think any parent would sympathize when I say in my ideal afterlife I get to just sleep for like 10 hours uninterrupted — but I also think the idea of a heaven where I’m allowed to just be idle in a hammock all day probably wouldn’t make for the most compelling gameplay experience.


I’ve been reading old The Darkness comics online and I gotta say I enjoyed this insult from an evil cultist leader to his flunky. Makes me wonder…

QftQ: Which WoW villain would be the most amusing to listen to giving orders to or being exasperated with their followers on a daily basis?

Jani, though we kinda get that experience every time we encounter him, anyway.

On the one hand I really wanted to see more of him, but on the other I get the feeling he would get really irritating to encounter more often than I already have, a la, “an Illusion! What are you hiding?” Maybe let my Alliance characters bring him garbage, too? It’s not like they don’t also have Purple Lotus and interesting rocks in their banks to give.

That’s The Queue for today! Rossi is pulling a double header this week, so make sure to leave him a whole lot of questions!

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