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Blizzard > DiscussionAug 11, 2020 8:00 am CT

What are your favorite Easter Eggs in Blizzard games?

A few days ago, people figured out how to summon Mr. Bigglesworth in Hearthstone. That game’s expansions are usually full of fun hidden Easter Eggs like this — but when it comes to Blizzard, Easter Eggs are far from being exclusive to the card game. They have a long history of adding hidden gems, often very amusing, in the weirdest places you could think of.

Someone in the team that created the first Diablo game was a big fan of actress Natalie Portman — so much that they hid a message in the installation menu expressing just how much Natalie Portman rocks (and also asking you to buy Warcraft II). And the Warcraft RTS games were also fond of making no click go to waste by making multiple fun things happen when you kept incessantly clicking units on the map, such as having critters explode, or tell jokes, or get angry at you — a tradition that has been kept alive to this day in games like Heroes of the Storm. In the Diablo-themed final section of the Blizzard World map in Overwatch, if you break the barrels, you can get a Diablo legendary drop sometimes.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. In World of Warcraft, you can find all sorts of crazy hidden things, from critters waging war against one another, to a hidden beach resort (with a peculiar view since Legion), to countless — and I mean countless — pop culture references. There is just way too much to list, and I’m fairly certain you’ve stumbled upon a few on your own. And there are also some Easter Eggs that aren’t meant to be funny, but rather to pay homage to valued members of the community.

At this point, I’m sure you’re already thinking of your own favorite Easter Eggs that you found in Blizzard games. Which ones made you chuckle? Do you like it when characters like Zelda Link get referenced with an NPC, or is that too… “immersion-breaking?” Do you prefer references to be hidden and obscure, or are you on the “the more, the merrier” camp?

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