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The QueueAug 19, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Dwarf girl with axe

Today’s Queue uses a header image from Dusk, it’s a picture of my Dwarf Barbarian Ristana oc Kaltjarn, whose friends call her Rista. She enjoys cold weather, has a polecat for a pet, and her glowing greataxe tends to disintegrate things she kills with it. I’m showing y’all her art because the last month has just sucked so so much, my cats are sick, my life is a continuous series of dumpster fires and I’m just trying to distract myself.

This is the Queue.


D&D Q4tQ: Inspired by this article, and with the expectation that we’re getting a “Xanathar 2” later this year, what UA do you want most to see made official?

Rune Knight, absolutely Rune Knight is my number one. I like that it’s a magical class that’s not based on spellcasting, but rather on channeling the runic power of giants. After that, the Soulknife from the Psionics UA.


Q4TQ: What is your favorite melee spec? I’m thinking about swapping mains in Shadowlands. Maybe dropping Feral in favor of Assassination Rogue or Havoc DH.

I’m so tempted to spend this entire answer talking about Frost DK’s. People in the comments for the Queue would go berserk if I didn’t even mention a certain plate wearing class that doesn’t have weird rune magic or the Holy Light to back it up. But who am I kidding? I have multiple max level Warriors just so I can go Arms and Fury at once, I love both specs and I recommend them. While I feel like their DPS needs adjustment upwards in Shadowlands compared to where it is right now on the beta, I do think both specs are engaging and fun and I definitely say give DPS Warriors a try.

Especially since Single-Minded Fury is coming back in Shadowlands so if you want to be a Warrior using Fist Weapons or some other weird thing, you absolutely can. I’ve even done it a few times on the beta and really enjoyed it.


Q4tQ: what is the state of lesbianism across the many player race cultures of WoW?

Well, someone already mentioned how Steve Danuser said that generally speaking it’s accepted across multiple cultures in WoW, and not just lesbian relationships but gay couples, bisexuality, and so on. So I’d say it’s at least a non-issue.


Can’t bring myself to keep leveling my zandadin on live. Gonna wait for pre-patch to hit the live servers. It will be my todo activity between 9.0 and expansion release.

I feel like the XP buff makes it worth doing now, but when the Shadowlands pre-patch drops, it could well be even faster and so I see why people feel like waiting. For me, characters who are above level 90 it feels like it’s worth getting the XP bonus now and work on leveling them up now, but the alts below level 70 can stay parked for a while.

Okay, so that’s the Queue for today. My cats are really sick, and it’s just been a terrible month all told, so if you could hold a good thought in your hearts for my little girls because they could use it. I’d appreciate any hope you could spare, because frankly, I could really use the break. They’re beautiful cats, they’re good little girls, and we love them.

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