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Transmog > WoWAug 26, 2020 6:00 pm CT

Transmog addicts rejoice, because Artifact appearances have more flexibility than ever in Shadowlands

It’s no secret I’m a transmog addict. I love transmog. I think it’s the best addition World of Warcraft has ever had, and one of the biggest disappointments I had with the Legion Artifact system was that the appearances were spec locked and I couldn’t use them with other specializations. For example, there’s a Strom’kar the Warbreaker appearance I would absolutely love to use for Fury, and the Warswords of the Valarjar look would rock it for Arms.

Well, now I can, because Kaivax that loveable scamp of a CM has just become the wind beneath my wings by explaining all the ways that Artifacts are going to change in Shadowlands and I’m just so happy, y’all.

The best part is that the thing I liked about Artifact transmogs is staying in: you can still transmog spec-specific Artifact appearances over anything. So your Holy Paladin can use The Silver Hand over a shield and main hand weapon by using the Legion Artifact tab of the transmog pane and your Retribution Paladin can use The Silver Hand by selecting it from the 2h Mace tab.

This is just absolutely excellent news. We talked about this when Blizzard announced Artifact transmog would be available regardless of spec, but we didn’t know exactly how they would implement the change. Now it’s finally here, and I’m beside myself with happiness.

What’s really amazing here is the granularity this provides. For example, Artifacts that are a weapon and shield — like Scaleshard and the Scale of the Earth Warden for Protection Warriors or Oathseeker and Truthguard for Protection Paladins — will now be separated so a Fury Warrior dual-wield Scaleshard. The example Kaivax used is that an Enhancement Shaman could dual-wield Doomhammers or the off-hand Fury of the Stonemother. That’s pretty amazing. Meanwhile, if you’re a Demonology Warlock using a staff, you can still use the Legion Artifact tab to transmog the Skull of the Man’ari appearance over it instead.

This gives us incredible flexibility in terms of how we can use the Artifacts in our transmog appearances.

I’m so, so happy, y’all. Kaivax, you have given me an early, and beloved, birthday present with this news. As soon as I can, I’ll log onto the beta and play with this feature non-stop.

Edited to add: Here’s some pictures of the feature in action.

Strom’kar, the Arms artifact, dual wielded by a Fury Warrior.

The Dragonslayer’s Edge skin of the Warswords of the Valarjar, used by an Arms Warrior.

Scaleshard, the 1h sword of the Scale of the Earth-Warder in its Unbroken Stand appearance, dual wielded by a Fury Warrior.

An Unholy DK using the 2h Axe Maw of the Damned Blood DK Artifact.

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)

With this week’s update to the Shadowlands Beta, players will have new options and availability for transmogrification of their Legion Artifacts.

Now, Legion Artifact appearances for all specs of your class are now available in their respective weapon categories. For example, Doomhammer will be found in “One-handed maces”.

The new Artifact appearances obey the usual transmogrification rules. For example, you can use the Ashbringer appearance on your two-handed mace, but not on a one-hand shield. Main-hand and off-hand Artifact appearances are granted independently in these tabs, so you can use Oathseeker appearances independently from Truthguard ones.

Now, a long as you possess the required proficiencies, there are no restrictions on duplicate appearances, and there are no restrictions on which hand they can be used in. For example, you can dual-wield Doomhammers or even Fury of the Stonemothers.

The existing transmogrification system for Legion Artifacts is entirely retained – the “Artifact Pair” tab still contains your spec-specific appearances, and you can still use the special rules allowing you to apply them over most other weapon types and combinations.

We look forward to hearing what you think of it after you’ve tried it out!

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