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The QueueSep 1, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: It’s Fall?

I know the jokes about it still being April are going to get old one day, but I’m pretty sure that day is sometime in 2021.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we give you answers that hopefully have more meaning than the concept of time does right now.


Q4tQ: What are you most looking forward to in September? WoW Prepatch? The next Dresden Files book? Rime of the Frostmaiden? Something else?

I’m not sure why you’re talking September since it’s March, but hey.

Honestly most of the September-y stuff I’m looking forward to is real-world, not gaming-related. There’s a Long Dark update coming, and the WoW pre-patch event looks like it’s going to be fun as heck. Other than that I’m just going day-to-day with de facto homeschool and waiting until my next Ipsy bag comes in.

Oh, and also I’m definitely getting a pumpkin spice latte, because I love nutmeg.


Q4tQ: why does fiction treat angels as just beautiful humans with wings who like platitudes? They’re inhuman. Not monstrous, still people, but definitively nonhuman. I always figured angels were created individually, in a literal sense. Already being physically adult, and possessing a basic set of knowledge and sense of purpose. They don’t age or die, which is enough to drastically differentiate there worldview from that of a human.

Not to get too controversial up in here, but like a lot of the themes and imagery associated with early Christianity, it’s basically a ripoff of something cool the Romans did. Certainly, the idea of a kind being who looks kind of like you but with the wonder of wings to mark them as heavenly is more comforting in times of trouble than an unknowable ball of eyes and swirling chaos as they were described so it makes sense that early church leaders would lean a bit more toward the familiar.

If you’re a Renaissance artist, it’s also a lot easier and more marketable to paint a dude with wings, especially if you’re looking for a Sugar Medici.


Q4tQ: how does your PC stack up against the system requirements for Shadowlands?


For the first time ever, my system doesn’t blow the recommended requirements away. I’m over them on everything but the graphics card – I have a GTX 1070, not a 1080, probably because I made the mistake of building a new PC during the height of the “let’s buy up all the graphics cards to mine bitcoin” era and the 1070 was the best I could get without breaking the bank. -_- I’m sure Shadowlands will run just fine, it’s just kind of weird to see that.

Mine meets benchmarks pretty well. My husband is the one who loves tinkering, and he upgraded my entire system last summer. I can run Shadowlands on the 7 graphics setting while streaming, with my hundred or so open Chrome tabs in the background.

I have very specific computing needs, and yes I literally mean one hundred open Chrome tabs. I need them.

I feel you on the graphics cards, though. There are a lot of things that are now bizarrely hard to get your hands on for one reason or another. I started watching sales for capture cards, specifically things like the Elgato Cam Link after Christmas last year, and that went from “not on sale but roughly a hundred bucks” to “lmao you can get it from a scalper for $400, maybe.” A lot of gear has been either jacked through the roof or suddenly scarce due to, you know, everything, so if you need to upgrade and the parts you need are available I’d do it now.


Q4tQ: Cosmetic armor for hunter pets and mounts – great idea or best idea?

On the one hand, I’m not sure that would be worth the effort, as compared to new mounts. The amount of work required to rig these things up to fit such varied skeletons, the UI changes to accommodate them, plus the disappointment involved in “mount armor” versus “mount” makes me think it wouldn’t be worth it.

On the other, I’m down with any and all collectible cosmetic effects, ever.

If I could just wave a wand and have interchangeable mount armor, it would be super cool. There are several mounts with incredible armor with otherwise unremarkable animals underneath, like the difference between the talbuks and their armored versions from old-school Nagrand. I’d also love to be able to use the regalia or standards from some of the newer ones on my other mounts. But on balance, I think I’d rather have more new mounts, even if it’s just a whole bunch more Kul Tiran horses again.


QtfQ: Thoughts on Shadowlands not having a flight whistle? Have seen almost no discussion of this.

I hate it.

It feels so bad to go off and finish a random world quest in the middle of nowhere, get that little trumpet fanfare for a job well done, and then I have to just… run to my next objective, on foot, like some kind of peasant? I understand why they wouldn’t want to add it. If I weren’t so used to using it, not having it wouldn’t feel nearly so anti-climactic. I’ll bet that it won’t be so bad when flight is introduced, because then you don’t have to navigate over and around trees and cliffs and monsters that literally hide in the bushes to dismount you. But for now, just ugh.


Q4tQ: What would people say is the chances of a Blizzard services sale before, during or just after Shadowlands release?

I’m wanting to change my Draenei Mage to a Void Elf (cos I’m tired of Draenei) but it’s not urgent so I could wait for a sale. But because I’ve never bothered with the sales before, I’ve no idea how common they might be.

Probably not. Services sales are rare, and they tend to come when demand is slow — the last one was in January of this year, and the one before that was March of 2019. We’re entering a stage of hype and high demand, so it’s unlikely we’ll see another one soon, and I’d guess we won’t until 2021.

I would maybe suggest rolling another character as an alt in the meantime — if you really want all the goodies from each Covenant, it looks like a smart idea to just assign an alt to each.

Anna Earworm™ results: Despite Jolene being a heckin banger that’s right up my alley (thanks, Cory!) I’ve been listening to WAP pretty constantly for the past week or so. I’m not going to link it because it’s the definition of wildly NSFW, but ironically I’ve also dusted off some of my old favorites. There are a lot of older rap songs I love that used to be shockingly edgy and risque in the same way, but now they’re just nostalgic classics, like Salt n Pepa’s Push It or Missy Elliot’s Work It. I should probably make it into a Spotify playlist.

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