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The QueueSep 8, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I’m not tired, you’re tired.

What? No, it’s fine, I just need to get some coffee and we’ll get this Queue started! Oh, I forgot to turn on the coffee pot? Details, details.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we’re definitely awake long enough to answer them.


Q4tQ: any chance we’ll ditch boring ass Marksmen for a Cowboy spec. The game needs dwarfs with some more yee-haw.

Hell no. Marksman is the spec that embodies the fantasy of both archers and snipers. Marksmen are deadly with longbows, or able to engineer scopes to take down their prey. They wait until they see an opening, then fire, keeping their distance as much as they can. Marksman has a very clearly defined role, and has embodied that role across the length of the entire game.

Survival Hunters, on the other hand…

It’s a silly, tropey answer, but considering the non-pistol-y aspects of the cowboy mystique as rugged outdoors adventurers, it could really fit the bill. Of course, they’d have to reintroduce Snake Trap just so I could create a /yell macro and shout “THAR’S A SNAKE IN MY BOOT” every time I use it, but that seems like a relatively minor tweak.


Has it been explained what happens to souls that just… don’t match a covenant or warrant going to any of the given realms?

The Afterlives we’re shown are just some of the many planes present in the Shadowlands. It’s possible we’ll see others in future patches. In terms of game mechanics though, you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

My Hunter is Night Bae 5Ever, but I’m ambivalent with nearly every other character. My Rogue is going with the Venthyr, probably, but as a nomadic Vulpera she would be tickled pink by the stars in Ardenweald. My Priest is a shoo-in for Bastion aesthetically, as an Undead even though she embodied stewardship in her unlife, she would probably be ambivalent enough about her role in the faction that she may go to Revendreth — if Undead can go anywhere at all.

It’s kind of similar to all the other sort-by-personality tropes out there. I fit pretty tidily into Ravenclaw, but for nearly every other sorting mechanism it’s pretty pick and choose. I’m closest to Sailor Mercury, but I definitely have a bunch of Sailor Moon’s traits too, namely general flakiness and desire to just constantly be eating. I’m probably a Miranda, but I have Charlotte’s optimism and I wish I got paid as well as Carrie to do one-off navel gazing editorials. I would probably be in the Brown Ajah, but it seemed like a lot of that particular method of sorting had to do with recruitment akin to sorority rushing, so I might try to cozy up to the Blues instead — the Aes Sedai tend to dress in the color of their Ajah, and everyone knows transmog makes a huge difference.


Q4tAnything: So, at the end of the Siege Of Orgrimmar, Thrall goes up to finish off Garrosh and Varian…doesn’t stop him. This leads to the trial never happening…and alternate dreanor never opening up…and Guldan2 not summoning the Legion…and Varian living….and Azshara never getting the Tide Stone…and Vol’jin maintaining control of the Horde….and Sylvannas not going rogue and collapsing the planes of the afterlife….and everything is all good.

What other great moments in butterfly effects are there in WoW?

The history of the Warcraft universe is so intertwined with major specific actors — sometimes retconned — that almost any moment in the past could be pointed out as a world-changing effect. Everything in the Shadowlands expansion ties back into Sylvanas trying to do a belly flop off the side of Icecrown Citadel, and back further, everything that happened to lead Arthas and the Ranger General to the same moment in time. A whole lot of the Legion expansion is colored by Illidan and his lime-tinted POV.

But personally, I’m still just interested in how Blanchy went from blowing Thrall’s cover into his afterlife of atonement. That horse’s life could be a movie unto itself, starring Scarlett Johanssen as Blanchy.


Anyone else find it really hard to concentrate, even on WoW? I know about the response to all the collective trauma from the pandemic, and that lots of folks are having trouble focusing (I’m a trained Coach, I *teach* this stuff). But I kinda expected it to get better.

To be clear, I’m not scared or overly worried; obviously not delighted about the situation and being so much more isolated and restricted than before, but I’m doing well overall. Only the attention span, holy smokes… I feel I really want to level my warrior, and then I log her and twenty minutes later, I just can’t and log off again. I really like that character, btw.

I intended to include this as a “yay you got this~!” affirmation but then I literally just stared at the blinking cursor on my blank screen with unfocused eyes for a good two minutes.


In general, I’m just trying to be kind to myself — and build in extra time for me to just kinda zone out as needed.

Anna Earworm™ results: Sometimes I don’t really have a choice in what I have stuck in my head I write The Queue. My five year old is currently spinning a song on repeat, so that’s what we’re going with, but it’s not his typical songs from BabyBus or random train jingles from the 60s. It’s The Calling by EDM composter The Fat Rat, featuring Laura Brehm. I’ll definitely take it.

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