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The QueueNov 3, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Tired again.

I am, once again, ready for a nap.

This is The Queue, where we promise we’ll stay awake long enough to answer any questions you ask.


Q4tQ: How much Halloween candy did you eat. I eat about a dozen bite size pieces. :D

I plead the 5th.

Though to be fair it’s all been Snickers, which is healthy because of the peanuts, right?


QftQ: What’s one small, insignificant thing you’d like implemented in WoW, and one big change that would make you literally stop complaining about mages being OP?

My version:
Small – I want a feral’s /roar to be an actual roar as long as we’re in cat form

P.S. I thought of a question! Yay!

I second the yay!

Small: I would love a glittery ‘stance’ a la Shadowform for Holy. It doesn’t even need to add efficacy — I just want more glittery particle effects. You can stop when I literally hurt to look at.

Big: bring back Hunter feign death deathsuits. I know it’s technically “impossible” given the confines of boss encounters these days, which is why I’m filing it under big, but I really miss the whole idea of it in the context of Huntering.


Q4tQ: Normally when an expansion hits I take my time leveling up my main character, explore the zones for secrets or interesting sights, and generally level at my own pace regardless of efficiency. However I’m so starved for WoW right now I have a sneaking suspicious that I’m going to inadvertently over indulge on game time and level 60 super quick. Are you doing anything out of your normal habits when it comes to the Shadowlands release?

Back in the day I made a point to blaze to cap ASAP. There are always cool little secrets and vignettes to stumble across that, once the leveling curve starts to hit cap, become impossible to discover on your own. Somebody is always waiting on the cool toy or tame or mount, they get it nearly immediately after it spawns, taking out that discovery aspect. Doing that is how I got the Time-Lost Proto Drake by accident, for example.

These days, the peak on the bell curve hits cap within hours, so that isn’t a consideration anymore. Now, I take my time, read out all the quest text, and do stuff like pet taming that I find fun, but my overall leveling efficiency takes a hit from doing it. It may delay my repping up with the Night Bae by a couple days, but I’m not trying to be cutting edge these days regardless.

Lady Moonberry will understand.


Q4Podcast and/or Queue – If you had complete freedom to remake Blizzard as a game company with one caveat. You have to remove one genre and the games associated with it from development/support but you then can add a different genre into development/support. What genre would you remeove and what would you add and what game would you have them develop?

I’m definitely about to be keelhauled for this one, but honestly, in terms of the pantheon of Blizzard games (not including like, Rock n Roll Racing obviously) I’d probably remove Diablo. However, in my defense, I’d probably replace it with Diablo. I love the gross grimdark stuff, especially when it dips its toe in real-life occult and demons, but the ARPG genre hurts my wrists on PC and I don’t have a current console, so that has to go.

Even just making a change so you don’t have to click to move, but there are slightly fewer active skills a la Hades would work for me. In that case, the gameplay wouldn’t even change all that drastically. I’d also love a lean into a full on horror game with a 3rd person camera, but I kinda feel like taking more cues from a game like Dragon Age would be nice, too. Lots of action in the field bookended by dialogue options and smooching sounds perfect to me, especially if I get a cool hound out of it.

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