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The QueueNov 4, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Panic

I am twitching.

Let’s do the best we can I guess.


Do you have any advice on achievement tracking addons and other ways of sorting out achievements in progress scattered across too many alts?

Up front, I don’t track my achievements, so I figured I’d put this here so y’all can give Bruce some advice. Overachiever? Joe mentioned that one on the podcast. Any other advice?


Posting this again since the new queue went up 5 minutes after I shared it, wowhead updated their guide about the “best” covenant for each and every spec in the game, as of the current beta version:

Q4tQ: Now that we are starting to get rankings, does this change any of your covenant plans?

Nope. Not making my decisions based on number crunching this time around.


So I’ve done Exile’s Reach on a couple of characters, and I’m really enjoying the ogres. They’re fun villains, and I hope we see more of them. I like that the architecture is more Highmaul, and less Arathi Highlands. However… I got an “Ogre Effigy” from a treasure box. It’s vendor trash, but the flavor text says it has the name DAGG carved on it.

Q4tQ: Are the Exile’s Reach ogres from Draenor?

All Ogres are from Draenor.

If you’re asking if they’re from the alternate Draenor, most likely not. The Gorians existed on the Draenor that became Outland, and it’s quite possible that our Draenor had a Dagg. I mean, remember it’s been decades since the end of the Second War. The Ogres who broke away from the Horde and headed to Kalimdor with Cho’gall could easily have lost a few who ended up settling down on Exile’s Reach and building themselves a new settlement. They don’t have to be from Warlords of Draenor Draenor, because they’re from a Draenor, the same one our Orcs and Draenei are from.


After the russian mythic world first contender guild (forget the name, Paragon?) all faction-changed to Alliance to get the Stoneform racial ahead of Castle Nathria opening, Blizzard now changed a lot of the bleed effects in the raid so that Stoneform and similar effects can’t remove them.

To be honest, as a guy playing a Dwarf Warrior a lot right now, Stoneform is really amazing. I’m not surprised Blizzard did this, but it sucks for players who just lost their tank cooldown.


I’ve been trying to start a new Night Elf Rogue. I came up with a model I really like but I can’t find a name that fits him. I’ve got a Gnome Mage who’s name I love but I just can’t settle on a look for him & am constantly tinkering with it.

Q4TQ: What matters more to you with a character, the name or the look? Do they need to fit each other or hang it all, I just want to go stab / smash / fireball something?

Neither is more important to me, but I’ve been using names from stories I’ve written for years, and then I tend to design a look for them after I decide on the name. My new Warrior, Kaltjarn, is named after my D&D Barbarian’s mom, because I already used her name for my Dark Iron Dwarf Pally.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’m gonna go hide under the bed now.

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