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The QueueNov 6, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Queue?

How does this work again? I’m not sure anymore. But here we go, rushing into the fray anyway.


Q4TQ: Is Liz back?

That really depends on how you define “back.” I do exist in this time and place, where I am writing this post — “writing” is another word we may need to more clearly define — at around 3am.

But does that mean I am back? Back from where? Back to where?

Okay. I’ll try to keep things simple. I don’t think my brain can handle more than simple, so this is for the best.


Q4Q: My wife wants to roll a void elf after a (very) long break. Does anyone know how squish impacted the recruitment scenario? Previously, it required a 110 (of the same faction). I’m assuming that means you need to be 45 now… but then again, I guess it could just as easily be 50 (or the cap could have been removed all together)? Read: I’m confused :)

Blizzard removed the reputation requirement for Allied Races, making them a lot less of a grind — but there are still requirements to unlock Allied Races. In the case of the Void Elves, you need to finish the Argus campaign in Legion (earning You Are Now Prepared!) and then do a short recruitment quest chain. If you have an existing character at level 40+ or so, just head over to the Broken Isles and work your way through Argus. If you don’t, start leveling through Legion and you’ll get there eventually.

Once you’ve finished that, you need to be at least level 45 to pick up the recruitment quest. Head tot the embassy in Stormwind to grab it, and you’ll be guided through the story about how the Void Elves ended up in the Alliance.


Q4tQ: Disregarding the visual appeal of the Shadowlands Covenants, story wise which Covenant in the machine of death do you most identify with?

For myself, I hope to never die and have to become apart of the machine of death. I can see why Sylvanas wants to destroy it and bring it to an end.

I’m not a huge fan of any of them, to be honest. The Kyrian require you to abandon all knowledge of your life, stripping your identity away. The Venthyr are decidedly evil. There’s not a lot of moral ambiguity there, at least in my opinion. The Necrolords are all fistfights and betrayal. And the Night Fas killed Ursoc. I don’t care if they had a good reason.

I like the Kyrians aesthetically, and I dig their Covenant abilities. But in the land of the dead, which is full of jerks scrambling pathetically for power and survival, I think they’re the worst of the lot. For them, the reward for being good on Azeroth is to have every good deed you have done, every iota of who you were taken from you, all so that you will better serve the Kyrian.

This is no reward. This is no afterlife. If anything, it is a true death. The person you were is gone, erased, while the shell of what you were carries on, in service to the Kyrian.

It’s horrible.

Oh. Plus they’ve enslaved a race of adorable owl people. That’s also not okay.

Anyway! Covenants! I dislike literally all of them! Can we reform the system so that I don’t dislike all of them? I sure hope so.


Any forgotten or minor characters you’d want to see in SL? For me it would be Runas the Shamed, the forgotten sylvanas sibling(if its canon at all), as well as kingslayer Orkus, Dumass, and Johnny Awesome from the hillsbrad quests!

Definitely Runas.


I know there’s a lot going on right now but bear with me: if a Venthyr bit a centaur on the horse part would the human part also turn?

As humans, we seem to see Centaur as half human, half horse. But really, they’re just Centaur. One unified thing. They’d just turn into a vampire Centaur, obviously.


Q4tQ: what is faster, farming Invincible of Arthas, or find the one Invincible hidden in this dog’s rumples?

Trick question. Invincible doesn’t exist.

That’s all for now, friends. Be sure to take a minute to tell your loved ones that you love them (trust me on this) and to give your pets a pat on the head for me. And while I know it’s tough times out there, try to have a good weekend, y’all. You deserve it. Yeah, even you.

I’ll catch you next week.

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