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The QueueDec 4, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I make this look good

The Maw is a very dreary place, but I think I’m workin’ it over here.


Q4TQ: What do you think about the obvious lack of Gnomes in the Shadowlands?

The four covenants we see in the Shadowlands are not actually all the realms of the dead. I like to think the gnomes and goblins are all off in some mechanical paradise, tinkering the afterlife away surrounded a Rube Goldberg machine that is incomprehensible in its function, but a delight to watch.


2 Cute Minions enter: Dredgers vs Stewards

Sorry. Stewards win every time.

Though I am rather inordinately fond of Kevin. I can’t really explain why.


Are the Brokers/ Traders in the Shadowlands ethereals in different outfits?

I like this idea very much, so this is my new headcanon. Perhaps they needed to rebrand and improve their image — we have had to fight quite a few ethereals in the past, and you always have to question whether you can really trust them. So perhaps they ditched the wrappings and put on these (very respectable) suits and neat appendages. We still have no idea who they are or whether they’re trustworthy, but we also don’t have a history with them that makes us immediately assume they’re untrustworthy.


Why is the Maw so terrible!?!

Cory already answered with “because you’re not a druid,” and he’s kind of right.

But come on, the Maw is terrible for everyone — druids only have the advantage of escaping it faster. And it’s terrible because it’s designed to be terrible. It is a place of threat and menace where the darkest horrors of the afterlife roam freely. It ought to be a terrible place.

I do think Blizzard has undercut that point a bit by sending us to the Maw right at the start of the expansion without any problem. It doesn’t decrease the threat (or annoyance) of the zone, but it does make it feel like we’ve got this.

We are, after all, the saviors of Azeroth (amongst many other venerated titles). We’ve defeated every big bad thing Azeroth has ever thrown at us — why should the land of the dead stop us? It won’t. It doesn’t.

But it can be an annoying slog.


Is there no way to run dungeon finder for older (pre-Shadowlands) dungeons? I understand the wait might be ridiculous, but I am not powerful enough to solo Mechagon (afaik)

Unfortunately, it’s only for level appropriate dungeons — which does make it trickier to find groups for old content. You can use the premade groups section of the group finder to look for or make your own groups, but since it only lists “random Battle for Azeroth dungeon” as an option in the dungeon category, I’m not entirely sure how that works. You could make a completely custom group, too, but you might be waiting for a while for someone to join you.


And that’s all there is this Friday afternoon. I hope you have all had a good week and have a pleasant weekend ahead of you. Take care of yourselves, tell your loved ones you love them, and spend some time doing things you enjoy this weekend.

I’ll catch you all back here next week.

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